March 29th through April 22nd
Level Up Your Finance Game
A Webinar Series

The secret to a successful finance function doesn’t involve hidden passageways or cheat codes.

Conquer your biggest challenges with practical advice on using technology to elevate your finance function from data-crunching to insight-led in our Level Up Your Finance Game webinar series.

How many webinar levels will you complete on your quest to become a finance champion?

Prophix Webinar Series
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Tuesday, March 29 at 15:00 CET Thriving in Uncertainty
Join our interactive customer panel to hear how Prophix empowers customers to not only survive but thrive during a global crisis.
Thursday, March 31 at 15:00 CET Leveraging Automation to Succeed in FP&A
If you spend more time compiling data than acting on it, 2022 may be your year to embrace digital transformation. Learn how to leverage Prophix's powerful process automation capabilities and AI-generated insights to improve your productivity and create business value.


Move Your Forecasts from Excel Hell to Best in Class
If you want to break your company out of Excel Hell, join this webinar to learn five practical steps you can take to automate your finance processes.
Tuesday, April 5 at 15:00 CET The Better Way to Budget, Plan, and Report – Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
Join us to learn how Prophix’s innovative cloud-based CPM software can automate all your financial processes – improving your profitability and minimizing risk. We’ll discuss the differences between ERP, BI, and CPM, the benefits of a highly collaborative planning cycle, and customer use cases.
Friday, April 8 at 15:00 CET Pivot & Plan for Anything with Scenario Planning
With CPM software, you can model an endless array of scenarios based on changes in your revenue, costs, personnel, and more. Learn how Prophix can mitigate risk by running “what if” analysis, creating a base, best, and worst-case scenario.


Your Journey to Actionable Insights – Financial Reporting That Works for You
Learn how to make your data work harder for you - expediting insights into action. We’ll show you how routine processes, such as board book creation and distribution, can become a ‘set it and forget it’ process.
Tuesday, April 12 at 15:00 CET Unleash the Power and Potential of Prophix - Real Talk with Our Customers
When researching a new software solution, there is no better feedback than active customers who know the ins and outs, pros, and cons. Join us for a lively discussion with key Prophix customers on why and how they chose Prophix as their FP&A solution.
Thursday, April 14 at 15:00 CET Cash Flow Planning: Know Exactly Where Your Business Stands
See how you can project your balance sheet using previous actuals, variations of your income, data from other models, and automated calculations to better plan for a successful tomorrow. Learn how to leverage Prophix to manage your cash.


Personnel Planning: Plan for Your Most Important Resource
Whether you need to scale back or scale up your workforce, you can forecast different scenarios to find your optimal personnel strategy with Prophix. Learn how Prophix’s personnel planning functionality can support your workforce through uncertain times.
Wednesday, April 20 at 15:00 CET How to Get Management Buy-In for Finance Innovation
How do you pitch and sell an investment in finance technology to your key stakeholders? In this webinar, we outline a 10-step roadmap to get you from a constant state of over-stretched crisis management to a value-driving strategic business partner.
Friday, April 22 at 15:00 CET Building a Culture of Transformation
How does finance drive the change needed to become a company that understands, supports, and uses data and analytics? Learn how to evolve your finance function and prepare your organization for the future.


Corporate Performance Management Powered by AI is Here!
Hear how artificial intelligence transformed FP&A in the cloud, fundamentally altering how business gets done, and meet Prophix’s Virtual Financial Analyst.
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Level Up Your Finance Game with the Prophix Webinar Series