Confidently predict cash flows and monitor property performance

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Maximize profits, fuel your growth

Prophix for Real Estate enables you to centralize your data across the organization and monitor performance of your properties from prospectus to build to in-service.

Forecast corporate and property cash flows on-demand

Give investors and ownership confidence in your projections and ability to reach your targets. Build a data driven culture that takes into account past performance together with current market conditions for optimal performance of your assets and in-service properties.

Plan and manage capital projects with confidence

Whether you are acquiring land, developing a community, or renovating an existing property, planning out your assumptions in a robust and agile method will lay the foundation for a successful venture. Streamlining market conditions and risks with Prophix’s predictive analytics will ensure you get the highest return on your investment.

Actionable insights on property performance

Reporting in Real Estate can be complex and unsustainable in spreadsheets. With Prophix, spend less time scrubbing data and more time analyzing it. Give your leaders a single source for all their property data to confidently report and analyze your numbers simultaneously. This encourages strategic thinking and fosters value-based decision making.

Achieve peak property performance

Prepare yourself for market changes with scenario modeling.

Optimize rental contracts with what-if scenarios

Reduce time to collect with daily updates to receivables and cash flow projections.

Seamless integration with construction, accounting and property management systems.

Made for finance leaders

Discover our platform and unlock your potential for successs.

Streamline budgeting and planning processes while improving collaboration.

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Increase data accuracy and reporting efficiency, affording you more time for valuable analysis.

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Streamline close windows by eliminating manual processes and automating recurring ones.

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Equip your business with the ability to plan, pivot, and change direction in dynamic markets.

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Accurately project and monitor your organization’s cash flow.

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A solution for every real estate leader

Chief Financial Officer

Provide data clarity to empower your organization to drive financial performance and be prepared for the road ahead.


Chief Information Officer

Gain visibility and control of your financial data in a secure, world-class technology platform.


Automate processes and unlock your analytical mind with on-demand analysis and monitoring of cash flows.

Business Leader

Predict your revenues and manage costs to drive business growth and agility.

Financial Analyst

Be a trusted advisor through meaningful insights and prepare your leaders for the road ahead.

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