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As the construction industry continues to move from offline to digital based programs, the need for data and understanding its impact on your business is accelerated. Every day you are challenged with new decisions that impact the future, and you need information to make those decisions,fast. Whether its information about your key business metrics or its information about your jobs, you need the right data right now.

What if there was a way to bring together all your data into a single, easy to use environment, where everyone is on the same page? Where you didn’t need to rely on a Consultant or IT to get answers.

What if you could act on that data and update Forecasts, Budgets and Projections instantaneously to see the impact on your Cash Flows?

Your Journey Begins Here…

The Prophix Construction Journey Roadmap

Prophix’s unified Corporate Performance Management platform centralizes data and models all aspects of your business into a single version of the truth. Forecast Cash, Analyze Bids, Manage Equipment Rates and Understand the impact of Safety incidents - Prophix is truly a system to run your business on.

What if you had real-time visibility into financial data that affects project timelines?

With Prophix self-service interactive dashboards, everyone from executives to project managers can get an immediate snapshot of financial data and KPIs to quickly pinpoint projects at risk. Get deeper insight and monitor daily progress with real-time visual analytics and drill-down capability that allows you to compare actuals to budgets by any dimension, such as hours worked, raw materials usage or total costs by work order.

Prophix Dashboard
Prophix Cashboard Dashboard
Prophix WIP, AR, AP, Billings, Over and Under Billings

Imagine if you could truly analyze your WIP, slice & dice it and figure out what’s causing margin fade everyday

Dive deep into your WIP and truly understand the data from the bottom up. Everything from AR, AP, Billings, Over and Under Billings is all in one place with every level of detail ready to be discovered. Prophix provides users with a simple, easy to use interface to drill down, slice & dice and help make sense of often mountains of job cost data.

Easily create “What-If” scenarios to model how changes to budgeted project costs affect profitability

Control project costs and plan for new projects through what-if analysis and driver-based modelling. Evaluate the impact on project revenues, costs and profitability by changing certain variables such as utilization metrics, quality of materials used and billing rates. Seamlessly make adjustments to project budgets, forecasts and cash flow projections based on optimum scenarios.

Prophix scenarios to model how changes to budgeted project costs affect profitability

Align your Project Schedule with your Workforce and Equipment levels to better manage utilization, cost and rental rates

Prophix’s robust modelling and integration capabilities provides contractors with a way to truly centralize their data sources and manage Resource allocations today and tomorrow.

Prophix Equipment Rantal Rate
Prophix Utilization by Job Class

Increase The Pace Of Your Construction Business With Automated Financial Reporting

Prophix unified Corporate Performance Management platform centralizes all your financial information and ensures your project job cost information is always in sync with your accounting. With a single source of the truth, everyone – from the field to the office, is always working with the most up-to-date cost information, preventing cost over-runs, reworks and project delays.

Together, we can build a strong finance machine.

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