Accelerate financial processes and improve collaboration

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Eliminate errors, repetitive tasks & spreadsheets

Tired of wasting time searching for errors caused by broken formulas and circular references?

Prophix One removes the possibility of entering incorrect variance explanations by automating your variance analysis using artificial intelligence and cloud data analytics to take advantage of deep data insights.

Gain confidence in your data and eliminate the risks inherent in manual data entry and stand-alone spreadsheet updates.

Automate processes

Let Prophix One Workflow be your automated project manager! Powerful process workflows automate complex and time-consuming processes like budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, consolidation, and closing. They are easily configured with the necessary dependencies to allow the next step of your process to be started automatically once its predecessors have completed with approvals and transparency built in.

Notifications on deadlines and reminders ensure that stakeholders are aligned and accountable in your workflows, ensuring processes are completed on time!

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Increase efficiency

Prophix One saves you time with data collection and validation by automating the integrations to your financial data sources, allowing you to schedule data imports and integrations without any manual intervention required.

Accelerate and increase the accuracy of your imports, calculations, allocations, and KPIs so you can take the time saved to engage in value-added tasks like analysis to support strategic business decisions.

Automate repetitive tasks with AI

Acting as your virtual assistant, Prophix One Task Assistant increases your efficiency by helping to automate repetitive tasks. Ask to see what’s on your plate that day, schedule a process or distribute reports to the team, and then consider it done. By automating repetitive tasks that can eat up a third of a finance manager’s time, Task Assistant frees them up to focus on more strategic work.

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Fast track your processes with automation and workflow

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Spend more time on analysis and insights by automating data collection.

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Increase your confidence in your data by eliminating calculation errors.

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Improve collaboration and process efficiency with workflows.

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Focus on more strategic work by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks.

A solution for every leader

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Chief Financial Officer

Provide data clarity to empower your organization to drive financial performance and be prepared for the road ahead.

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Automate processes and unlock your analytical mind with on-demand analysis and monitoring of cash flows.

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Financial Analyst

Be a trusted advisor through meaningful insights and prepare your leaders for the road ahead.

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Made for finance leaders

Discover Prophix One and unlock your potential for success.

Automate your reporting cycle and accelerate insights.

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Personalized Dashboards to understand performance and drive behaviour.

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Intelligent AI-powered insights and automation. 

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Unify your financial data to accelerate data-driven decisions.

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Frequently asked questions

Workflow allows you to see tasks in multiple views with visuals to see task statuses at a glance and gives project owners the ability to restart a task if needed.

Workflow has multiple built-in options to allow you to drive tasks forward to completion. Each task has a due date, and you can set up reminder notifications to remind task owners when tasks are coming due as well as overdue. You can also set task deadlines, which will automatically complete tasks once the deadline has passed, to allow you to continue making progress in the overall business cycle. Task descriptions give you the space to input optional information that may be helpful to the owner.

Prophix One allows you to set up your processes in groups, following a specific flow that can be saved and run on demand, or scheduled to run one time or in a specific cadence (e.g. nightly, weekly or monthly). One-time setup and minimal maintenance make Prophix One your automation powerhouse!

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