Amplify your data-driven business decisions

In today's data-driven, dynamic business landscape, businesses thrive on comprehensive insights to gain a competitive edge. When you integrate Prophix with Power BI, you are fueling your data analysis with rich insights that you can use to drive your business forward.

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Unleash comprehensive data, gain impactful insights

Prophix One data integration and Power BI connector merge financial data into Power BI to give you a broader, more comprehensive data set. This integration streamlines the analysis process, allowing you to efficiently draw impactful conclusions and drive business performance.

Streamline your data flow

Ease of use is at the heart of the Microsoft Power BI integration. Watch your financial data flow swiftly from Prophix One into Power BI, so you can get results faster—no coding or external integration technology required.

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A step-by-step guide on utilizing a business analytics tool effectively. Analyze data, gain insights, and make informed decisions.

Leverage visual analytics for decisions that drive results

Prophix One and Microsoft Power BI empower you with the visual analytics you need to uncover insights. Whether it's through Power BI's expansive data visualization and reporting tools or Prophix One's own visual analytics and dashboard capabilities, you and your team can confidently make decisions with up-to-the-minute analytics.

A solution for every leader

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Chief Financial Officer

Provide data clarity to empower your organization to drive financial performance and be prepared for the road ahead.

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Financial Analyst

Be a trusted advisor through meaningful insights and prepare your leaders for the road ahead.

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Business Leader

Predict your revenues and manage costs to drive business growth and agility.

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Made for finance leaders

Discover Prophix One and unlock your potential for success.

Unify your financial data to accelerate data-driven decisions.

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Boost Excel’s financial modeling and planning capabilities and create insightful PowerPoint presentations.

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Simplify and transform processes in the Office of the CFO.

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Frequently asked questions

While Business Intelligence (BI) and Financial Performance Management (FPM) may appear similar due to their visual dashboards and interactive analytical capabilities, there are key differences in each solution that, when combined together, give you the ultimate toolkit to drive data-driven decisions. BI tools use your data to uncover patterns and trends that aid in your decision-making. FPM monitors the key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance metrics you've defined. An FPM solution does this through planning, forecasting, and budgeting.

Our integration with Microsoft Power BI provides a quick and seamless connection to automatically transfer data to Power BI without the need for manual data entry.

Once you've connected to Microsoft Power BI via Data Integration, your data is available to select as a data set.


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