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What if there was an easier way to budget and plan by centralizing the data from your finance, human resources, and operational systems?

Prophix gives you a single source of the truth, so you don't have to spend time wading through data silos or aggregating data sources. You can create more accurate operating budgets, align your capital projects with your financial plans, and get the insights healthcare leaders need to provide better care.

What if you could easily visualize KPIs and forecast data?

Analyze and report your revenue across multiple dimensions, such as type of service, patient, procedure, doctor, department, or location, with Prophix's driver-based modeling capabilities. Track your revenue performance against KPIs like revenue per patient or revenue per procedure.

What if you could easily visualize KPIs and forecast data?
What if planning staff utilization and managing costs were a breeze?

Manage costs and plan staff utilization

With Prophix's intuitive personnel planning capabilities, you can effectively plan for staff resources using drivers that reflect patient demand patterns per unit, hours per patient per day, or staff-to-patient ratios. Streamline your payroll planning process by pre-populating your plan with salary data from your human resources system. Generating total payroll costs by service unit, department, or doctor is easy with automated payroll calculations from Prophix.

Streamline CapEx planning to improve profitability

With what-if analysis and automated workflows from Prophix, you can evaluate and approve capital planning requests to fund new research programs, build new nurses stations, or offer new outpatient services. With Prophix's integrated planning platform, you can see the impact of capital spending on cash flows and profitability in real-time.

What if you could streamline CapEx planning to more profitably open a new facility?
What if you had real-time analytics to help make operating decisions?

Real-time analytics to support operating decisions

With self-service Dashboards and dynamic graphics, you can visualize your financial and operational performance data to identify trends and track healthcare metrics. Perform cost variance analysis by operating unit, assess contribution margins of clinical staff members, or determine the profitability of individual programs by integrating your actual, planned, and forecasted data.

Automate financial processes to drive your healthcare organization

Get an in-depth look at your company's performance with flexible financial statements and reports. Prophix helps healthcare companies run smoothly by automating their planning, budgeting, and reporting processes. We make it easy to create personnel plans and track vital patient KPIs. Get more time back in your schedule to focus on improving clinical programs and service your patients better.

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