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"With the Excel-based budget planning, it would take probably take three to four months. And a lot of that time was spent on manipulating the data in Excel and getting it to roll out properly. When we went to Prophix, we were able to trim that down to more of a two-and-a-half month cycle, where most of the time was spent on analysis and actually getting into the data and understanding what we were seeing."

Women’s Tennis Association Rebecca Evans, Assistant Controller

Work Smarter, Not Harder With Prophix

Every new client, transaction, or additional employee adds to the amount of financial data that you have to collect, analyze, and translate into business decisions. In many cases, these tasks are distributed across your organization, and may require employees around the globe to contribute to the process. Do you feel like you’re spending more time collecting and organizing data than actually analyzing and using it? If so, workflow, collaboration, and automation could do wonders both for your business and your schedule.

With Prophix, you can create and deploy efficient workflows and improve collaboration throughout every department and every location of your business. Coupled with enhanced automation of data collection, evaluation, and consolidation, you will take back hours of your day, and assure an accurate single source of data for your entire organization to base their business decisions on.

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Prophix Workflow, Collaboration, and Automation: Maximize Operational Efficiency

Put Hours Back into Your Schedule


Increase Collaboration

Using Prophix’s Workflow Manager, you can easily assign tasks to users and facilitate approvals across your business. Hear from all stakeholders and capture their input directly with the ability to add comments and notes in a single unified database.

Maximize Efficiency

Automate repetitive business processes such as data imports, allocations, consolidation, and currency conversion for a less tedious, more productive way of working.

Eliminate Errors

Reduce data duplication with a single, unified database to store supporting details that help to explain budgets or justify expenditures.

Track Project History

Prophix’s workflow functionality provides a full audit trail, tracking all activities of the software’s users. You’ll never lose track of different versions of a single project.

Make Sure You’re Audit-Ready

Automating your processes and cutting down on errors ensures you’re ready for an audit. Improve service quality and reduce the cost of compliance audits by ensuring that the system adheres to applicable standards and policies.

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