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Every day, every new client, every additional employee adds to the amount of financial data that you have to collect, analyze, and translate into important business decisions. Do you feel like you’re spending more time collecting and organizing data than analyzing and leveraging it? If so, automation could do wonders both for your business and your schedule.

Think about the biggest data-related challenges you’re facing today. Maybe you’re spending too much time manually inputting data into spreadsheets. Or, once the data has been inputted, the metrics have already changed. These manual processes are inefficient, time-consuming, and prone to human error.

Prophix enables enhanced automation for your data collection, evaluation, and consolidation needs. Prophix will have you taking huge strides towards improving your productivity, gaining insights, and creating business value.

Maximize Efficiency

Manually collecting and inputting data into spreadsheets isn’t the best use of your time and resources. With Prophix, you can automate repetitive business processes such as data imports, allocations, consolidations, and currency conversions to boost productivity. Integrate all your manual processes and tasks seamlessly into Prophix’s Workflow Manager to improve collaboration and get faster business insights.

Use Time Wisely

Your efforts are more impactful if you spend more time analyzing data and applying it to business decisions, instead of being occupied with performing repetitive and tedious tasks. Prophix’s automation capabilities save you time by standardizing calculations, simplifying planning and data processes, speeding up consolidations and close, and distributing financial and management reports, freeing you up to focus on more strategic work.

Make Sure You’re Audit-Ready

Automating your processes and cutting down on errors ensures you’re ready for a planned or unexpected audit. You’ll improve readiness, service quality, and reduce the cost of compliance audits by ensuring that your system adheres to applicable standards and policies.

Enhance Usability

Are your current data collection and reporting processes too complex for those outside the finance department to understand or help with? Prophix’s automation capabilities and intuitive user interface make it easy to train new employees, experienced staff and non-finance users alike.

With the Excel-based budget planning, it would take probably take three to four months. And a lot of that time was spent on manipulating the data in Excel and getting it to roll out properly. When we went to Prophix, we were able to trim that down to more of a two-and-a-half month cycle, where most of the time was spent on analysis and actually getting into the data and understanding what we were seeing.

Rebecca Evans Assistant Controller Women’s Tennis Association

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From real-time project monitoring to streamlined report creation, Prophix can automate tasks that consume your time. When you adopt these automation measures, you’ll see an increase in productivity, operations and profitability.

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