Easily secure confidential plans and budgets without IT support


Prophix is easy to use and consistent, allowing you to apply authorizations that limit or enforce transaction thresholds, approvals, or access to data.

A single security model that is flexible and extensible

Prophix leverages Microsoft Windows Active Directory to provide users with a single sign on (SSO) experience. Users do not have to remember multiple login names or passwords. Similarly, IT avoids the need to write any specialized code or invest in additional software. Using the Prophix Security Manager, administrators can easily manage all of the application’s security and data permissions. This ensures that budget contributors and reviewers only gain access to their assigned areas.

Companies define security based on functional roles (such as HR, sales, finance, and IT) or other groups. These groupings simplify the management of user access to sensitive data and to functions within the application.

Security, compatibility, and ease of use: Together at last

Other Microsoft SQL Server-compatible business intelligence (BI) solutions recognize the data access rules defined in Prophix’s software. This ability to easily harmonize the security framework with other systems equals reduced user maintenance.

Remember too, that Prophix’s workflow functionality provides a full audit trail, tracking all activities of the software’s users. This is just another way that Prophix delivers value.



"We often recommend Prophix to companies in our industry. I typically focus on time savings, which relate to our corporate strategy of always want to operate leaner. The cost savings based on adoption are also exceptional. Implementation is fairly smooth and fast, which makes the learning curve manageable. The centralized data integration with our ERP is really important as well. It's very slick. I don't even think about it because it's just so easy."

Interstates Companies Stephanie Baccam, Accounting Supervisor


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