Is Cloud right for your Business?

Cloud is no longer the exception, it’s the mainstream choice for most businesses today. In fact, is estimating “by 2020, 83% of Enterprise workloads will be in the cloud”.

Why cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM)?
Compared with traditional IT-managed server-based software, the benefits are many:

  • Security The cloud vendors are simply the best at securing your data
  • Scalability As your compute and storage requirements increase, cloud resources can quickly and easily scale to meet your changing needs
  • Increased collaboration Access Prophix from anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Always current Get the most value out of Prophix by having the latest features and innovations available to you instantly through automatic updates
  • Future proof Regardless of how technology changes, with cloud accessing Prophix is always just a click away
  • High availability and uptime Cloud vendors are invested in ensuring their environment is up and running at all times and your business data is backed up
  • Recovery Data backup and disaster recovery is included
  • More affordable the cloud is simply more affordable and will provide a better ROI, when compared with loaded IT, infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Primed for AI this is the game changer! AI can automate repetitive tasks that eat up a third of finance managers time, freeing them up to work on more strategic operations. AI can also detect risky transactions and reduce fraud, speeding up financial processes and month- and year-end close with greater confidence.

As a Prophix customer, moving your CPM software to the cloud not only provides you access to the latest product innovations and features, it also facilitates the addition of our growing list of AI capabilities and future add-ons. These new capabilities enable the finance department to gain deeper insights, improve and speed up financial processes like reporting and month-end close.
The cloud provides the platform to do this more efficiently and affordably than ever before, regardless of how big or complex your company gets.

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Innovation Is In the Cloud

Cloud technology is pushing the limits of innovation, making our Corporate Performance Management software smarter and easier to use. Transform the way you work and keep your attention on the things that matter.

Prophix AI Research and Development

Natural Language
Machine Learning
Anomaly Detection

Natural Language Interface

Machine Learning Forecasting

Anomaly Detection & Explanation


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Why Consider Migrating to the Cloud?

For many companies, there is a belief that Cloud solutions are easier and more accessible. While this is true, there are other elements of cloud technology that can benefit you and your organization.


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Security in the Cloud

Prophix Cloud offers strong encryption for all customer data with a dedicated environment that protects your data from unauthorized access and limits connection to only approved users.

You may worry that using a solution that you access via the internet could expose your data to greater risk. However, Prophix Cloud security standards provides protection that is not just adequate but is above industry standards.

Prophix Cloud Security Certifications

ISO27001 Cloud
Sky High Enterprise Ready


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