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"Sage customers will benefit from a fully tested and certified solution and be assured peace of mind in choosing Prophix. Together the two pieces of software help companies to be more agile and profitable, while reducing risk"

Global Sage Lead James Hanson, Business Development

Numbers in a spreadsheet might give you all the information you need to know to make a decision, but with visual analytics, the decision-making process is so much easier. For your stakeholders to truly understand the metrics that impact their decisions and the connections between various data points, they need visual data representations.

Prophix visual analytics make working with data easier and more intuitive for everyone in your company, especially your decision makers. With one-click information access and structured visual data discovery, you can easily see the value in your data.

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Prophix Visual Analytics: Faster Decisions Based on Real-Time Information

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Superior Decision Making

Visual analytics make it faster and easier to understand data in real time. Because the visual data representations are linked directly to the source data, any changes are automatically reflected in the visuals. Now, decision makers have access to the most current information to ensure they’re making the best decisions.

Accelerated Analysis

In the past, you’ve plugged numbers into self-made charts or used rudimentary Excel graphing tools to create visual representations of your data. Now, you can uncover powerful insights with detailed interactive charts and graphs, all with a single click. Prophix’s visual analytics are linked directly to data with transaction detail. You don’t have to input the numbers yourself. Prophix does the tedious work for you.

Deeper Insight

With Prophix, you can see various viewpoints and perspectives, enabling many key stakeholders to interact and adjust data as needed. Using these comprehensive insights, you can answer questions like: how are we performing to targets, how are specific departments performing, and what are the underlying impacts of performance?

Easy to Use

Stun your stakeholder with visual data representations that have all the details of complex coding without the work. These visualizations are automated, requiring absolutely no coding on your end. And because they’re so simple to create, anyone in your company can generate these charts and graphs with minimal training.

Meaningful Presentations

You can use your visualizations for more than just Prophix reports. With our PowerPoint integration, you can access your dashboards – and all of your Prophix data right from your presentation. Answer questions on the spot by diving into the details behind your graphs without leaving your slides.

Interactive data exploration

With Prophix, you can translate your most important data into easy-to-understand visuals for faster decision making based on accurate, up-to-date information.

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One click analysis

Connect and structure data from multiple sources, inspiring confidence in data and decisions. With zero coding, and minimal training requirements; Prophix enables broad accessibility to share and collaborate and explore data, gain insight to ultimately make better decisions.