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Visual Analytics: Stunning Visualizations to Better Communicate Insights

Quickly Identify and Understand Trends, Outliers, and Patterns in Your Data

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Faster Decisions Based on Powerful Insights

Derive Value and Context from your Data

Numbers in a spreadsheet might give you all the information you need to know to make a decision but with visual analytics the decision-making process is so much easier. For your stakeholders to truly understand the metrics that impact their decisions and the connections between various data points, they need visual data representations.

They say, “a picture speaks a thousand words.” Prophix’s visual analytics makes working with data easier and more intuitive for everyone in your company, especially your decision-makers. Don't spend time scrolling through rows of data. With one-click information access and structured visual data discovery, you can easily identify and act on trends, outliers, and patterns, turning your data into actionable insights.

Superior Decision making

Visual analytics make it faster and easier to make sense of your data. Because your visual data representations are linked directly to the source data, any changes are automatically reflected in the visuals. Now, decision-makers can leverage this information to provide context, measure performance, derive powerful insights, and propel decision-making.

Accelerated Analysis

In the past, you’ve plugged numbers into self-made charts or used rudimentary Excel graphing tools to create visual representations of your data. Now, you can uncover powerful insights with detailed interactive charts and graphs, all with a single click. Prophix’s visual analytics are linked directly to your data, which gives you the flexibility to drill deep into your data, or drill across even further into your GL transaction details. We know that your business produces data at an accelerated rate. Use Prophix to transform your data analysis and shed light on relevant issues, trends, and key findings.

Deeper Insight

With Prophix, you can see various perspectives, enabling your key stakeholders to interact with and adjust data as needed. Using these comprehensive insights, you can answer questions like: how are we performing to targets and why; how are specific departments performing; and what are the underlying impacts on performance? Some of the ways Prophix Visual Analytics provides insight to your data includes KPI’s, charts, top lists, and revenue by customer graphs.

Easy to Use

Stun your stakeholders with visual data representations that have all the details of complex coding without the work. These visualizations are intuitive, interactive, and automated, requiring absolutely no coding on your end. And because they’re so simple to create, anyone in your company can generate these charts and graphs with minimal training.

Our dashboards and report templates have been designed specifically to drive advanced analytic behavior. The ability to have accurate, on-demand data is immeasurable at both a macro- and micro-level.

Amy Sallee Corporate Controller Electra Link, Inc.

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Discover the Benefits that Visual Analytics Have to Offer

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