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"I think it’s going to make all us look smarter. Being able to spend less time digging into specific transactions, and being able to ask Prophix to do that for us is going to save us time, energy, and make us look like we know what we’re doing."

All-Star Directories Michelle Ferris, All-Star Directories

Stay focused on the tasks that really matter

Simply ask Task Assistant what’s on your plate, schedule an automated process and distribute the report to the team and consider it done. Task Assistant helps you stay focused on the business, not performing the same repetitive tasks, time and time again..

Task Assistant will:

  • Identify your assigned task
  • Automate the routine tasks
  • Simplify the distribution of reports
  • Improve communications and review processes
  • Communicate in plain English via text or voice

Researchers estimate that AI could automate repetitive tasks that eat up a third of finance managers’ time, freeing them to work on more strategic operations. *

On the road? Not a problem, access Task Assistant from any mobile device .


  • Work more Naturally
    Engaging with Task Assistant in a more natural way of communicating. Not only can you manually enter requests, but you can also ask verbally, and Task Assistant is there to help.
  • Incredible time savings
    Get more work done in less time. Improve the agility and overall effectiveness of the finance department.
  • Improved productivity

Allow Task Assistant to handle the repetitive jobs, freeing up your time to tackle higher-value work