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Task Assistant

What could you do with more free time

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Stay focused on the tasks that really matter

Acting as your own virtual assistant, Task Assistant increases your efficiency by helping to automate repetitive tasks. Simply ask Task Assistant to see what’s on your plate, schedule a process or distribute reports to the team, and then consider it done. Task Assistant helps you stay focused on the business by saving you time.

On the road? Not a problem, access Task Assistant from any mobile device.

Task Assistant will:

Researchers estimate that AI could automate repetitive tasks that eat up a third of finance managers’ time, freeing them to work on more strategic operations.

Work more Naturally

Engaging with Task Assistant in a more natural way of communicating. You can make requests both manually or verbally, and Task Assistant is there to help.

Incredible time savings

Get more work done in less time. Improve the agility and overall effectiveness of the finance department.

Improved productivity

Allow Task Assistant to handle the repetitive jobs, freeing up your time to tackle higher-value work.

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