Accurately predicting revenue is one of the most challenging exercises for organizations today. The proliferation of poorly integrated CRM tools along with the constraints that come with data silos and manual processes have left organizations unable to accurately forecast their sales numbers.

Why does revenue planning matter? Sales is the lifeblood of every company, but forecasts can change rapidly, so having the flexibility to create alternative scenarios quickly and efficiently is essential.


Apply consistency and usability to the data you receive from sales. Create a data entry template that sales reps can easily populate and submit for review. Streamlining this process will increase employee participation rates in your planning process.

Detailed Planning capabilities within Prophix allow you to vary inputs and see changes to the bottom line immediately. Compare multiple scenarios to determine which course of action is best for the business.

The flexibility to create exceptions where required in order to accurately forecast revenue recognition.

Monitor progress against plan by making relevant information about the forecast available to everyone who needs to see it. With everyone looking at the same information, your company is now working off a single version of the truth.

Evaluate revenue assumptions and make adjustments without jeopardizing the data’s integrity.

Consistently analyze and report revenue in order to understand your profitability and cash position.


"With Prophix giving us a full understanding of our financials and how they relate to decision making, we hold our people accountable."

AAA Northeast Rich Pacheco - VP, Finance & Administration

Prophix delivers collaborative and integrated sales planning

Prophix has developed sophisticated workflow capabilities that enable multiple users to contribute their information in a timely and consistent manner. Prophix also fully integrates with any GL, CRM or ERP system to automatically pull in large amounts of transactional data with ease. Don’t worry. You won’t be on the hook to decipher or organize this information. Prophix does all the work for you.

Gain a solid understanding of sales revenue from any perspective, including by customer, SKU, product, or even geography. Forecast the direct costs associated with your sales plan using standard costing methods. Take advantage of top-down and bottom-up modeling capabilities to analyze sales performance by individual and/or team. Use Prophix and your revenue plans become part of a larger management process, with awareness extending beyond the sales team.