Introducing Prophix for Microsoft 365

Wouldn’t it be great if you could submit your budget or forecast numbers to Prophix from the comfort of Excel®? Or, if you could use Prophix’s unified data to drive your proprietary Excel models? Or, how about making your meetings more dynamic by infusing your PowerPoint® slides with live Prophix models?

Prophix for Microsoft 365 extends Prophix’s planning and reporting to a new group of users allowing them to contribute to Prophix-driven budgets and manipulate data using Excel. Likewise, enhance your PowerPoint presentations by embedding Prophix within your slides enabling you to give powerful, dynamic, and interactive presentations. Make a direct connection to your favorite tools and embrace the power of data centralization and automation only Prophix can provide.

Prophix for Microsoft 365

Prophix for Microsoft 365

Prophix for Microsoft 365 leverages the power of cloud technology to help make the most of your data so that you can make faster and more informed decisions where and when you need to. Work more organically across platforms with the choice and flexibility that Prophix provides and drive forward the speed and efficiency of your Corporate Performance Management software.

  • Seamless integration of Prophix data with Microsoft 365 elements
  • Improve collaboration to streamline your planning efficiency
  • The added flexibility to manipulate data and contribute to budgets and forecasts in both Prophix and Excel
  • Add interactive Prophix data and visuals into PowerPoint Presentations
  • Extend and speed up report distribution
Learn About Prophix and Microsoft 365

Plan Your Way with Prophix Contributor

Prophix Contributor was built with spreadsheet users and non-finance contributors in mind such as sales leaders, marketing executives, and operations management to improve collaboration, shorten budget cycles and reduce the complexity associated with using spreadsheets alone. By leveraging Microsoft Excel, occasional contributors can seamlessly provide their inputs to Prophix-driven budgets and plans. By combining the centralized data and automation capabilities in Prophix with the ease and convenience of data collection in Excel, Prophix Contributor will transform the way you budget, plan and report.

Plan Your Way with Prophix Contributor
Model Your Way with Prophix Analyzer

Model Your Way with Prophix Analyzer

Do you need more control and flexibility when it comes to financial modeling? Wishing you had the freedom to use your centralized Prophix data in Excel? Prophix Analyzer allows your Prophix data to become the primary source for all your Excel modeling and analysis. Prophix Analyzer gives you the option to securely view and manipulate live Prophix data using Excel and maintains a link back to your Prophix data so you can pull the latest planning data for further analysis. Leverage existing Excel models and logic, use your favorite Excel tools, and then easily push any data changes to be saved back into your Prophix model for a connected cloud experience.

Present Your Way with Prophix for Microsoft 365 PowerPoint

Welcome to the “Digital Meeting Room” with Prophix for Microsoft 365 PowerPoint. It allows you to embed rich visuals and valuable data from Prophix directly into your PowerPoint slides. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. By including valuable data from Prophix directly into your PowerPoint slides you can create dynamic and interactive presentations that will forever change meeting dynamics empowering you to reframe the usual. Instead of having to circle back on a revenue-related question, simply navigate to the answer within PowerPoint. Have a question about an expense? Just drill across and get to your invoice. As questions come up in your meetings, you can quickly analyze or drill into your data without ever having to leave PowerPoint. Save time, improve collaboration, and speed up the decisions by presenting your way with Prophix for Microsoft 365 PowerPoint.

Present Your Way with Prophix for Microsoft 365 PowerPoint

Get the convenience and flexibility you need when it comes to planning, modeling, and presenting with Prophix for Microsoft 365.

How do I use Prophix Contributor? Prophix Contributor is easy to use. Prophix Workflow notifies you by e-mail whenever there’s work for you to complete. Simply open the link to download your Excel workbook and log-in to Prophix Contributor from Excel. Data entry is performed the same way as you are used to in Excel. Once you are done, you can save and submit your work, or finish it later since offline budgeting is also supported.
When working in Prophix Contributor, is it possible to use Excel formulas? Yes. Working in Prophix Contributor is just like working in Excel making it easy to use formulas and your favorite Excel tools.
What are some ideal use cases for Prophix Analyzer? Prophix Analyzer is ideal for Excel power users who would prefer to perform complex financial modelling such as statistical forecasting or sales funnel forecasting using their Prophix data.

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