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Performance Reporting: Better Results from Powerful Insights

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As you start to involve more members of your company into reporting and planning processes, you need the right tools to capture the commentary behind the numbers. Prophix’s performance reporting tools enable you to boost productivity and collaboration, facilitate efficiencies, and incite decision making.

Budgeting and planning collaboration between different departments provides your business with more accurate financial data. But context and commentary often fall through the cracks, resulting in approval delays, unnecessary meetings, or long email chains. Having a tool like Prophix improves communications and enhances your competitive advantage.

Provide Insight

Today’s business challenges demand that reports need to be more intuitive than spreadsheets. Features like having the ability to instantly drill across into general ledger data help to provide context and meaning behind the figures. Using visual tools to tell a story about your data greatly enhances the usability of a powerful reporting tool. Prophix can integrate multiple data sources to truly make your information into a unified solution. Once your data is centralized, you can tailor and enhance reporting to maximize performance across all your departments.


Collaboration between departments helps you add the “why” behind your data, and it can greatly reduce the time needed for planning. Equip finance, operations, and sales departments, as well as management with easy to understand and interactive reporting. With Prophix’s performance reporting tools, your employees and management can slice and dice reports and drill down into the details with speed, enabling new levels of collaboration to achieve your business goals.

Actionable Reports

Performance reporting instantly identifies the purpose and context of your reports and empowers your employees to make better business decisions. Supplementing your reports with cell comments, line item details, and row notes allows you to add the crucial information needed for business success.

Accelerate Your Workflow

Adding supporting documentation and commentary to your data gives managers the details they need to expedite the approval process. This reduces time spent on email chains and in meetings, and accelerates your workflow, putting hours back into your day.

Prophix not a one-size-fits-all; however, it is a one-tool-fits-all. You can make the software work to analyze your business. If you can do it using spreadsheets, you can do it better using Prophix.

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Performance Reporting ensures your company is working from the most valuable foundation: a single version of the truth. You’re empowered to make better decisions when you can rely on accurate, real-time data.

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