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"As AAA Northeast geography continues to grow, we’re faced with consolidating financial information from multiple territories and separate accounting departments. By using a separate system that overlays the general ledger, its made our lives so much easier in terms of gathering data, importing it into one central source, and using Prophix to be the consolidation for us."

AAA Northeast Rich Pacheco - VP, Finance & Administration

If your business has multiple branches, product lines, departments, and geographical locations, you know what a challenge it can be to collect data and maintain organizational alignment. And, once the data is actually collected, it’s even harder to apply that information to a cohesive financial plan that’s implemented across your organization.

Prophix’s integrated financial planning capabilities are designed specifically with businesses like yours in mind. In the past, your productivity was hindered by siloed departmental operations and planning. But now, you can facilitate collaboration between departments for more accurate, more profitable financial plans.

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Prophix Integrated Financial Planning: A Whole New Level of Planning

All Your Departments on the Same Page


Promote Departmental Alignment

When something happens in one area of your company, how will it impact the other departments? Providing an integrated planning platform to your marketing, operations, and finance teams helps everyone to work together toward the same goals.

Track Progress

Know exactly where to focus your organization’s efforts at all times. Prophix provides your leaders with a holistic understanding of performance drivers and helps you identify top profit drivers. That way, you can allocate time and resources to the endeavors with the greatest financial gains.

Foster Collaboration

Every department in your company has its own important role to play. With Prophix, you can optimize strategic planning and resource allocation, empowering your business to strike the perfect balance between sales and operations planning for maximum profitability.

Predict Outcomes

With a better understanding of your entire business, you’re able to quantify the financial impact and risk of every decision you make. You can also answer “what-if” scenarios and determine how each department will be impacted. With these insights, you can ensure every decision is the best decision possible.

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