Imagine having important insights revealed and communicated to you in record time

As your data grows, so does its complexity. Insights uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze your data and provide you with clarity on key insights and trends, helping you to make better business decisions faster.

Chart Insights

Insights, served up by your Virtual Financial Analyst, give you the story behind your visualizations. Stop spending hours digging through spreadsheets, interpreting Dashboards, or waiting for analysts to investigate. Insights generates an accurate narrative around your data to ensure all your stakeholders are on the same page.

Contribution Insights

Receive a quick AI-generated comparative analysis and gain an accurate and consistent narrative on a number, visualize its trend through time and what contributed to it. Stop performing ad-hoc analysis to get to the answers you need Contribution Insights will instantly help you understand variances over time or between scenarios letting you know which factors drove the rise or fall of a value on a report as well as the break-down of the underlying data.

Report Insights

Quickly understand and present explanations of important trends and changes in your business through Report Insights. The Virtual Financial Analyst directly writes the narrative on reports, so you don’t have to. By generating an insightful narrative on key variance reports, you can spend more time acting on what drives trends, rather than looking for and documenting them. Create meaningful reports faster and empower your stakeholders to self-serve with access to a consistent narrative surrounding your business’ most important data.

Comprehensive Analysis

Quickly analyze the story behind your dashboard visuals to truly understand what the numbers mean.

Expedite contribution analysis by digging into “the Why” behind the variance.


Get a detailed and consistent narrative for every scenario produced faster than any human ever could.

Effective Communications

Produces consistent insights communicated in the form of charts, text and voice to help stakeholders see, hear and understand the full story behind “the why” no matter where they are

How do I use Chart Insights? Chart Insights is easy to use. Simply click on any supported chart on your Prophix Dashboard to get the important insights communicated to you visually or by voice.
How do I use Contribution Insights? To use Contribution Insights, simply Right-Click on a number within a Prophix Template, and select "Show Insights".
How do I use Report Insights? On any report, right-click on the notes section for the Virtual Financial Analyst to automatically populate a trend or variance narrative for that row of data.
How long does it take for Insights to create the narratives? Leveraging Natural Language Processing, the narratives are generated in near real-time, and faster than any human could.

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