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"As AAA Northeast geography continues to grow, we’re faced with consolidating financial information from multiple territories and separate accounting departments. By using a separate system that overlays the general ledger, its made our lives so much easier in terms of gathering data, importing it into one central source, and using Prophix to be the consolidation for us."

AAA Northeast Rich Pacheco - VP, Finance & Administration

Forecasting, although a crucial aspect of business operations, can be a difficult task to get right. Often, manually created forecasts are out of date not long after you complete them. With accurate forecasts, you’re able to gauge how well you’re doing today or plan for your business’ future.

Keep up with the changes in your company and the market with Prophix. You can quickly and easily create flexible, accurate forecasts. And, with those forecasts, you’re empowered to make strategic business decisions based on real-time information.

With Prophix forecasting, you can create the following with just a few clicks:

  • Rolling forecasts
  • Multi-year forecasts
  • Daily forecasts
  • Driver-based forecasts

Dive into some of the top benefits using Prophix and discover the impact it could have on your future success.

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Prophix Forecasting: Get the Most Out of Your Business Plans

Quick, Flexible, and Accurate for Greater Impact


Boost Accuracy

While you can’t predict the future, Prophix forecasting enables you create accurate predictions without the confines of formulas and spreadsheets. Your forecasts will reach new levels of consistency as you integrate all your crucial data and decision-making points into a single platform.

Create Rolling Forecasts

The days of static or fixed forecasts created each quarter or year are over. Today, rolling forecasts give you the power to work with constantly updated data to reflect even the slightest changes in your business or market. When you can easily create rolling forecasts, you gain greater insight into the future and stay ahead of fast-paced industries.

Automate Integration

With Prophix’s automation capabilities, you can easily pull data from multiple sources to create accurate forecasts. Instead of entering data manually or referencing numerous other sources, Prophix does the work for you, pulling actual, planned, and forecasted data into a single location.

Customize for Your Needs

Businesses in every industry have different forecasting needs. With Prophix, you can create forecasts that make sense for your business. Create forecasts based on cash flow, production, sales, and finances, using the timeline that’s right for your business, whether that is days, weeks, months, or years.

Promote Agility

To accurately prepare for your business’ future, you need to integrate real-time data. You can quickly adapt for rapidly changing factors like interest rates, currency rates, production levels, and payment terms. Giving these factors a place in your forecasts makes for improved plans for the future.

Amplify Collaboration

Through Prophix’s workflow capabilities, you are able to track inputs, changes, and approvals, while avoiding long email chains or inefficient conference calls. With the input from different team members across your organization, you’re also able to integrate local and immediate impacts to your forecasts.

Understand your business today for better predictions in the future. Prophix is the key to creating accurate, impactful forecasts that empower you to make the best business decisions. And, with cloud or in-house deployment capabilities, you have a solution perfectly designed for your needs. Adopt forecasting software from Prophix for an improved look into your future.

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