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Forecasting, although a crucial aspect of business operations, can be a difficult task to get right. Without accurate forecasts, you’re unable to gauge how well you’re doing or plan for your business’ future.

To increase the effectiveness of forecasting while reducing business risk, more businesses are moving towards agile forecasting and increasing the frequency of their planning iterations. Keep up with changes in your company and the market with Prophix’s forecasting capabilities. You can quickly and easily create flexible, accurate forecasts that empower you to make strategic business decisions based on accurate and reliable information.

With Prophix forecasting, you can create the following forecasts with just a few clicks:

  • Rolling and moving forecasts
  • Dynamic and real-time forecasts
  • Multi-year forecasts
  • Daily forecasts
  • Driver-based forecasts

Dive into some of the top benefits of forecasting and discover how it could impact your future success.

Boost Accuracy

While you can’t predict the future, forecasting enables you to create data-driven predictions without the confines of formulas and spreadsheets. Your forecasts will reach new levels of consistency as you integrate all your crucial data and decision-making points into a single platform.

Magnifying in to analyize and predict the future based on data
Easily create rolling forecasts in Prophix

Create Rolling Forecasts

As forecasting demands have become more complex, the days of static or fixed forecasts are over. Today, rolling forecasts give you the power to work with constantly updated data to reflect even the slightest changes in your business or market. When you can easily create rolling forecasts, you gain greater insight into the future and stay ahead of your competition.

Automate Integration

With Prophix’s automation capabilities, you can easily pull data from multiple sources to create accurate forecasts. Instead of entering data manually or referencing other sources, Prophix does the work for you, pulling actual, planned, and forecasted data into a single location so that you can easily quantify trending and business realities.

Multiple data sources connecting into a single location
How flexibile and customizable your forecasts can be in Prophix

Customized for Your Needs

Businesses in every industry have different forecasting needs. With Prophix, you can create forecasts that make sense for your business. Create forecasts based on cash flow, production, sales, and finances, using the timeline that’s right for your business. Elevate your forecasting plans to meet evolving stakeholder demands.

Promote Agility

To accurately prepare for your business’ future, you need to integrate real-time data. As you increase the frequency of your forecasts, the more you’ll realize just how inefficient spreadsheets can be. You can quickly adapt for rapidly changing factors like interest rates, currency rates, production levels, and payment terms. Giving these factors a place in your forecasts improves your planning capabilities.

Real-time data integrated into the Prophix Forecasting solution
Workflow capabilities in Prophix

Amplify Collaboration

Through Prophix’s workflow capabilities, you can track inputs, changes, and approvals, while avoiding long email chains or inefficient conference calls. With the input from different team members across your organization, you’re also able to integrate local and immediate impacts into your forecasts.

Plan Your Way with Prophix for Microsoft 365

With Prophix, you have the freedom and the flexibility to contribute to forecasts, approve plans or even manipulate your numbers using software you are most comfortable with. Whether you prefer the feature-rich Prophix web interface or appreciate the convenience of Microsoft® Excel®, Prophix’s workflow and planning automation capabilities will ensure you are forecasting faster and more accurately than ever before.

Learn More About Prophix and Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 working together with Prophix
Can Prophix handle a trailing twelve-month rolling forecast? Yes. Depending on your corporate strategy, you can create trailing and rolling forecasts for any time-period. For example, in the middle of your fiscal year, you can see your trailing twelve-month actuals, as well as a month-by-month forecast for the next twelve months.
Can the forecast be populated with a combination of historical actuals and plan numbers? Yes, you can create your own forecasts using a combination of historical data and planned data. For example, you can create a new forecast for Q2 using actuals from last year and Q1 actuals.
Can the forecast be extended out multiple years at a summary level? Yes, Prophix gives you complete control over your reports, including the ability to forecast out at a summary level. For example, you can create a report to view a month-by-month breakdown of actual and budgeted data for your current fiscal year, and summary totals for projections on a year-by-year basis for the next five years.

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