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"We use Prophix to do our financial reporting. … We use five different ERP systems around the world, four different currencies, and we have plants in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and China. … [Prophix] does all the currency conversions for us and does all the consolidations for us."

API Heat Transfer, Inc. Michael DeHart, Corporate Accounting Manager

Combining companies or managing branches across numerous locations can be a logistical nightmare. With multiple legal entities, intercompany eliminations, various regulatory reporting requirements, mergers and acquisitions, foreign currency translations, expense allocations, and more, it seems impossible to get a comprehensive view of your entire company.

Prophix’s financial consolidation and close tools eliminate manual processes and automate recurring ones, so you’re operating as efficiently as possible. You’ll cut down on the amount of time wasted gathering data and increase the time you spend on data analysis.

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Prophix Financial Consolidation and Close: Get a True Picture of Your Finances

Automate Your Most Time-Consuming Processes


Faster more Accurate Consolidation and Close

Simplify and streamline complex inter-company, multi-currency financial consolidation processes. No matter if you consolidate by rolling up financials or by applying debit and credit journal entries for adjustments, Prophix provides the flexibility to perform faster, more accurate consolidation with greater confidence. 

Complete Auditability

Your business should always be prepared for an audit. When you are not, audits can get complicated and unnecessarily drawn out. Prophix helps to simplify audits by enabling the creation of detailed and auditable consolidated financial reports when you need them for greater transparency and compliance. 

Analyze with Greater Insight

Using data from multiple sources, you’ll create more accurate forecasts with precise consolidated data. Prophix allows you to apply different currencies to your analysis and set ownership percentages for a comprehensive understanding of your operations.

Prophix has a solution.

Prophix takes complex financial consolidation and close processes and simplifies them through automation. For companies big and small, Prophix is the right solution to keep your entire organization working toward the same goals.

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