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"We often recommend Prophix to companies in our industry. I typically focus on time savings, which relate to our corporate strategy of always want to operate leaner. The cost savings based on adoption are also exceptional. Implementation is fairly smooth and fast, which makes the learning curve manageable. The centralized data integration with our ERP is really important as well. It's very slick. I don't even think about it because it's just so easy."

Interstates Companies Stephanie Baccam, Accounting Supervisor

All of your financial processes – budgeting, reporting, consolidation, and more – are dependent on data, making it the foundation for all of your important decisions. But, there are a number of problems you can run into when it comes to data collection. Manual processes are prone to error and time consuming. It’s difficult to be sure that data gathered manually is still accurate and relevant.

Prophix’s data experts have created a way for data collection and integration to be easier than ever. Now, instead of manual collection processes, you can integrate data into your reports directly from the source. Direct data integration transforms both the way you work and the areas where you can focus your efforts.

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Prophix Direct Data Integration: Revolutionizing Data Analysis

Rely on a Single Version of the Truth


Analyze Real-Time Data

You likely use data from multiple sources like ERP, personnel, and accounting solutions. With Prophix, you can easily integrate data from multiple source systems and ensure the data you’re using is current. You can also load data into Prophix using a selection of methods depending on your company’s needs. These methods include fully automated scheduled imports, on-demand imports as needed, or as part of a logical workflow process.

Simple for Anyone to Use

Prophix’s Import Data Wizard features a simple interface, which any business user can master without relying on IT assistance. The interface is consistent whether you are connecting to an on-premise or cloud data source.

Rely on Accurate Data

There’s no need to worry about data being accurate. Prophix automatically detects errors during data imports, sending notifications to key stakeholders. This enables users to immediately correct any problems that occur. And, you can leverage automated data mapping and cleansing to easily align information from disparate systems, reducing the occurrence of errors and guaranteeing consistency.

Better Data for Better Decisions

Prophix empowers you to master the management of organizational structures, charts of accounts, hierarchies, and more. These models draw from a centralized database, ensuring that all decisions made within the company are based on a single source of data, eliminating data duplication. Also, you avoid disruptions when acquiring new subsidiaries, since this typically requires changes to consolidation processes.

Direct data integration ensures your company is working from the most valuable foundation: a single version of the truth. You’re empowered to make better decisions when you can rely on accurate, real-time data.

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