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"I think it’s going to make all us look smarter. Being able to spend less time digging into specific transactions, and being able to ask Prophix to do that for us is going to save us time, energy, and make us look like we know what we’re doing."

All-Star Directories Michelle Ferris, All-Star Directories

See, hear and understand all your key charts and KPIs

Chart Insights narrates all of the important details contained within your dashboards and highlights what you need to know. Stop spending hours digging through spreadsheets or interpreting dashboards. Get to the answers you need quickly and easily.

Simply click on any supported chart on the Prophix Dashboard to get the important insights communicated to you visually or by voice.

On the road? Not a problem, access chart Insights from any mobile device.


  • Comprehensive analysis
    Quickly analyze the story behind your dashboard charts to truly understand what the numbers mean
  • Giant time saver
    Get a detailed and consistent narrative for every scenario produced faster than any human ever could.
  • Effective communications
    With Chart Insights detailing the “why” behind all your charts, stakeholders can see, hear and understand the full story.