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"As AAA Northeast geography continues to grow, we’re faced with consolidating financial information from multiple territories and separate accounting departments. By using a separate system that overlays the general ledger, its made our lives so much easier in terms of gathering data, importing it into one central source, and using Prophix to be the consolidation for us."

AAA Northeast Rich Pacheco - VP, Finance & Administration

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Your time is valuable, and managing your annual budget probably takes up too much of it. As your business grows, budgeting becomes more complex and harder to manage. You need the right tool to streamline budgeting and increase accuracy.

With budgeting software from Prophix, you can do everything you’re doing now in Excel, but you’ll do it faster, easier, and better. Simplify your budgeting process and put time back in your own schedule.

Explore the benefits of Prophix and how it revolutionizes the budgeting process for businesses in any industry.

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Improve organizational agility, gain efficiencies within your department and realize the business value that comes with a budget that is accurate, auditable, and collaborative. You’re empowered to make rapid budgeting decisions, with all the essential insight. Choose Prophix for your budgeting software, and reap the benefits of automation at every step.