Easily Share Crucial Data with Stakeholders
How Much Time Can You Save?

Manually collecting, consolidating, and formatting data are tasks of the past. With Prophix, you can automate these processes and put time back into your team’s schedules. Simply schedule your reports to be compiled and let Prophix’s automated report creation and distribution capabilities do all the work for you.

Save Time

Automating your reports will take several tasks off your to-do list, such as compiling data, assembling end of period summaries or board books, and distributing reports to stakeholders. You’ll increase productivity as you spend less time translating complex spreadsheets into printed reports. When you use Prophix, you’ll also reduce your reliance on your IT department, as you have greater control over the data necessary to perform these vital tasks

Save Time
Visually Represent Data

Visually Represent Data

Not everyone in your company likes delving into complex spreadsheets to analyze data. With Prophix’s reporting functionality, you can create visual data representations that everyone in the company can easily analyze, drill-down, and compare to at the transactional level. With these data insights, stakeholders can better understand the why behind outcomes, while also seeing the big picture.

Enhanced Security

Whether on an individual or group level, Prophix gives you the flexibility to dramatically improve and secure your organization’s access to data with automated report distribution. You can be confident knowing that sensitive information is centrally managed and protected, providing piece of mind while improving cross-functional collaboration.

Enhanced Security
Maintain Compliance

Maintain Compliance

Reports play a key role in maintaining compliance with standards such as GAAP and IFRS. When you’re not properly reporting your financial data, your company could face the risk of falling out of compliance or having to pay fines. With Prophix, reports can be created with a few clicks, and you’ll rest easy knowing that you are complying with crucial financial standards.

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Can Prophix automate report distribution? Yes, in Prophix you can simply schedule reports to be automatically compiled and emailed.
Can Prophix consolidate reports or build board books? Yes, using the Report Binder function, reports and board books can be organized and automatically assembled into professional looking publications ready for distribution.
How does AI help to automate report distribution? Using Prophix’s AI powered Virtual Financial Analyst’s Task Assistant capability, reports can be distributed to individuals or groups just by asking.

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