"We are an analysis-hungry organization and continue to stretch the amount of reporting that we can provide to the business. We've more than doubled our store count since we implemented Prophix's software, but since reports can be set up dynamically that is not a problem. We are able to secure access to the data in ways that before would have been very cumbersome. People now have access to the data they need - without the ability to view confidential information. None of this was possible using spreadsheets."

Floor and Decor Christopher Lesch, Senior Director of Finance

Is your team spending countless hours creating reports, only to redo or update them shortly after they’ve been created?

Manually collecting, consolidating, and formatting data are tasks of the past. With Prophix, you can automate these processes and put time back into everyone’s schedules. Automated reporting and distribution capabilities do all the work for you.

Find out all the benefits you can reap from using Prophix to automate your report creation.
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Prophix Automated Report Distribution: Easily Share Crucial Data with Stakeholders

How Much Time Can You Save?


Streamlined Reporting

Schedule reports to be compiled and emailed on a regular basis to stakeholders across your organization. Users can view all reports from a single source, including external reports not generated in Prophix.

Efficient Compiling

Gone are the days of manually selecting worksheets for printing and assembling for different divisions and roles. Reporting in Prophix allows you to mirror approval levels, generating reports that are filtered for every individual.

Create Reports that are Easily Understood

Not everyone in your company likes delving into complex spreadsheets to analyze data. With Prophix reports, you can create visual data representations that everyone in the company can  easily analyze, drill-down, and compare to the transactional level. With these data insights, stakeholders can better understand the why behind outcomes.

Represent Data Using Your Company Standards

Prophix’s reporting tool allows you to create reports in standardized formats or by customized design. You can choose from a variety of pre-configured formats or design your own, saving time and ensuring reports maintain common formatting across the organization.


Today’s boards are providing more than a quarterly review of company performance and regulatory oversight. They’re strategic partners to help the company align strategy and business goals by understanding trends in business and making recommendations on how they should respond.

Learn more about how innovative tools like Prophix can help craft the ultimate board book.

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