Take Control of Your Data
Better Business Decisions with Ad Hoc Reporting

Do you spend more time confirming your data is trustworthy and accurate before diving into financial analysis? Ad hoc reporting and analysis should be true to its name - reliable, instant, and conclusive.

Make the inefficiencies of linked spreadsheets, gathering data from multiple systems, and unruly pivot tables a thing of the past.

Ad Hoc Analysis is a powerful feature in Prophix that allows you to organize and present data to draw more accurate conclusions.

Easily create views of your data that instantly become cornerstones of every report or visualization. Ad Hoc Analysis unleashes the power of your data so you can improve collaboration and make better business decisions, faster.

Instant and Reliable Data

With up-to-date data from your general ledger and CRM systems reflected in your Prophix reports and dashboards, your analysis can be driven by the latest changes in your business.

Summary to Detail in Seconds

Conduct high-quality analysis on-the-fly by shifting your data in multiple dimensions to instantly move from summary to detail, allowing you to answer questions about your business, faster.

Relevant Data for You

Prophix’s Ad Hoc Reporting and Analysis tool is customizable to reflect each users’ unique view of the business. Since reports are self-serve, you can easily modify your data and access your results from any browser or device.

Can I kick off an Ad Hoc Analysis from a dashboard visual? Yes, and it’s as simple as clicking the “more” drop-down button and launch Ad Hoc Analysis.
Is the Ad Hoc Analysis performed in a spreadsheet? No, Prophix frees from you the constraints and frustrations of spreadsheets by ensuring all your analysis is centralized in Prophix.
How does Prophix help with data collection? With Prophix, you don’t have to waste time on tedious data collection. You can automatically pull data into Prophix directly from the source, such as from your ERP, CRM, or payroll solution.

See Prophix’s Ad hoc Reporting and Analytics in Action

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