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Ad-Hoc Reporting And Analytics: Drill Deeper Into Your Data

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Own Your Reporting and Analytics

If multiple data sources and data sharing are the cause of constant headaches and inefficient reporting processes in your company, it’s time to find a new way to operate. Prophix could be the answer you’re looking for. Ad-hoc reporting and analytics capabilities from Prophix will centralize and streamline your data analytics processes, leading to better outcomes for your company.

The benefits of an ad-hoc reporting solution include faster decision-making, cost savings, and intelligence sharing that have the potential to revolutionize how data is leveraged in your company.

Dynamic Reporting

Quickly create custom dynamic reports with Prophix’s intuitive user interface and don’t waste time on tedious data verification. As you add information, all reports and dashboards update automatically, minimizing the amount of maintenance necessary. Comments and schedules follow the data, giving you access to supplemental information wherever it is presented.

Insightful Planning

Plan for the future with pinpoint accuracy. Using KPI analysis, visually present financial and non-financial data to identify positive and negative trends. Empower the Office of Finance to create powerful baseline budgets to envision your company’s financial future. Quantify and test your macro- and micro-uncertainties with scenario planning, all while eliminating your reliance on IT teams.

Slice and Dice Your Data

With ad-hoc reporting, you can conduct high quality analysis by moving around your data hierarchy for on-the-fly analysis. Drill up or down on the specific data you want to focus on, enable data entry for immediate data input, and easily retrace your steps with intuitive navigation tools to identify problems before they occur. Become proactive in recognizing and responding to data anomalies.

Tailored to Your Role

Prophix offers comprehensive reporting and analysis tools that are customizable to reflect each user’s unique view of the business. Since reports are self-serve, you can easily modify your data and access them from any browser or device.

We have… a whole host of operational metrics that we use Prophix to collect, analyze, monitor, and report on that data. It ultimately all feeds together in our company dashboard. The other departments that benefit from using Prophix – name the departments in the company and they benefit!

Denise Feece VP, Finance Coleman Cable

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Metrics are a key aspect of your decision-making process. With ad-hoc reporting and data automation, you’re able to do more than ever before. When you partner with Prophix, you’re sure to see improvements in company performance.

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