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"We found a flexible performance management application that not only allows us to work more efficiently, but also gives us the transparency to make better business decisions at the ground level. There isn't anything that we've tried to do with the system that we haven't been able to accomplish."

Coleman Cable Denise Feece - Director of Operational Accounting & Corporate Planning

If multiple data sources are the cause of constant headaches and inefficient reporting processes in your company, it’s time to find a new way to operate. Prophix could be the answer you’re looking for. With powerful ad-hoc reporting and analytics capabilities, you can streamline your data analytics processes and drive better business decisions in a timely manner, all from an intuitive interface.

The benefits of an ad-hoc reporting solution are numerous and have the potential to revolutionize how data is used in your company.

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Prophix Ad-Hoc Reporting and Analytics: See your data the way you need to

Reporting Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle


Better tools equals improved information

Ensure metrics are a key aspect of your decision-making process. With ad-hoc reporting and real-time data, you’re able to do more than ever before. When you partner with Prophix, you’re sure to see improvements in company performance.

Find Out How Ad-Hoc Reporting Can Improve Performance

Ad-hoc Reporting

Translate your multidimensional cube data into a layout that is easy to work with for on the fly analysis. Ad-hoc reporting allows you to quickly access and navigate your data, and easily generate meaningful custom reports without the need to build formal templates.

Slice and Dice Your Data

With Ad-hoc reporting, you can conduct high quality analysis by moving around your data hierarchy. Drill up or down on the specific data members you want to focus on, enable data entry for immediate data input, and easily retrace your steps with intuitive navigation tools.

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