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Every dollar counts in your organization. Inefficient or broken financial processes stand in the way of your Not-for-profit’s mission. Focus on what’s truly important like improving programs and carrying out your passion by automating financial planning, budgeting and reporting.

More than ever, Not-for-profit organizations face pressure to be accountable for all aspects of the program and financial management.

Prophix is the best tool for finance executives to use to drive efficient, accountable, reliable Non-profit operations. Talk to a Prophix expert about using those tools, today.

What if you could speed the processes of managing fund allocations and producing immutable budgets?

Shorten budget cycles and produce more reliable budgets by using cost-driver modeling and detailed allocation methods to automatically apply a variety of cost types across multiple funds or programs. With Prophix, you can easily manage the multiple budget versions and diverse budget mandates your board, donors, and governing bodies require.

What if you could speed the processes of managing fund allocations and producing immutable budgets?
Prophix's integrated planning platform

Which fund raising activities are most effective? Answers to questions like these can be made simple.

Plan and monitor your cash flow in real-time and view your position through personalized interactive dashboards. See the immediate impact a fund-raising event or membership drive has on your short-term and long-term plans using an integrated planning platform that aligns your cash flow planning with your P&L.

Donation tracking and transparency are critically important

Track how contributions, grants or membership fees have been allocated and used, and show key stakeholders how they are progressing, with drill-down capability to analyze budget variances at any level – by program, by fund, or donation. Prophix has the tools you need to easily provide the transparency and assurances your stakeholders want to see.

Donation tracking and transparency are critically important
Could you get more bang for your Donor’s bucks?

Could you get more bang for your Donor’s bucks?

Reduce your administrative workload and save time, by using Prophix to automatically distribute comprehensive reporting packages, facilitate workflow and capture a complete audit trail. Streamline compliance, reporting, and analysis to be certain you’re using every dollar, euro, or peso to it’s maximum.

Automate Financial Processes to Drive Not-for-profit Organization

Get the flexibility you need to tailor financial statements and reports to get an in-depth look at a programs’ performance. Share with all stakeholders clear insights into about a programs’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Prophix helps not-for-profit organizations run more smoothly by automating financial processes across planning, budgeting and reporting. We make it easy to quickly produce progress updates and performance analysis for stakeholders or constituents. This allows you to free up more time to look for ways to improve programs, to service your members and to attract more donors.

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