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    Make your annual budget process more efficient

  • The paradigm for budgeting has changed. Most companies manage their budgeting process with spreadsheets or through home-grown applications. But this is rudimentary and clumsy. Budgets prepared this way are often inaccurate and lack consistency because of the number of iterations and the difficulties in managing them through multiple levels of oversight and approval.

    If your budgeting process is typically painful and resource intensive, maybe it is time to consider a new approach.

    Prophix offers an easier way to budget

    Move beyond spreadsheets to a system of innovation. You no longer need to feel intimidated by the growing amount of financial data your organization collects. Join the nearly 2,500 companies from around the world who use Prophix to make their financial data work for them.

    Use Prophix to immediately address your budgeting concerns and create either simple or very complex budgeting scenarios. Improve organizational agility, gain efficiencies within your department and realize the business value that comes with a budget that is accurate, auditable and collaborative.

    Other benefits include

    • Automate the budget submission and review process through appropriate workflow.

    • Improve your budget’s accuracy by pulling the data directly from your G/L. No longer will you need to assign employees from other areas of the business to manually enter data into a spreadsheet or an application that was developed in-house.

    • Reduce risk because you are no longer collecting and consolidating information from multiple sources. You’ve added controls to your budgeting process.

    • Increase buy-in because your employees can see first-hand the value of budgeting. With an easy-to-use system that allows employees to enter data how they want, when they want, they are much more likely to accept their involvement in and become closer to the budgeting process.

    Budgeting is the core of Corporate Performance Management

    Over 65% of the customers who purchase Prophix begin with a budgeting implementation. This initial experience enables them to automate other processes within the department of finance and creates a vision for how financial data can be managed better and more effectively.

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