No matter the size of the organization or the industry in which they operate, Prophix has enabled over 3000 companies to automate and integrate their budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial consolidation, and reporting activities. What used to take weeks and months, involving multiple individuals, can be automated and reduced to a few minutes, leaving more time for analysis and iterative reforecasting.

With an easy to use point-and-click interface, business users oversee straightforward implementations to manage and master Prophix’s unified Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. The results are impressive. But don’t take our word for it…

Milwaukee Bucks Logo

Having relied in the past on spreadsheets for their business processes, the Milwaukee Bucks used Prophix to obtain complete visibility into their finances, to develop advanced budgeting and personnel planning models, and to automate the production of their financial reports based on the new requirements set out by the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Dime Community Bank Logo

Dime Community Bank deployed Prophix Cloud to modernize its budgeting and financial data management capabilities. The company realized significant time savings from task automation and has reduced its reliance on manual spreadsheet-based processes. Since deployment, Dime has improved its budget accuracy and implemented variance analysis to track its actual performance against planned forecasts. The company expects to continue developing its deployment as it innovates new use cases for the software’s reporting and data analysis functionalities.

Milo’s Tea Logo

Milo’s Tea, a family-owned manufacturer of 100% natural ready to drink beverages including sweet tea and lemonade, struggled to involve department managers in the budget process while relying on Excel as their primary finance tool. Prophix has allowed their finance team to budget and forecast collaboratively by involving staff early on in the process.

Alterman Inc. Logo

Alterman Inc. is a leader in electrical construction and service in the central Texas markets. Their Office of Finance had difficulty managing the amount of manual work required to generate their financial statements and annual budget. With Prophix, Alterman automated their forecasting and reporting, allowing them to better utilize their manpower and predict revenues.

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