One platform, one vision, one source of truth

An integrated planning approach gives you the tools you need to be agile, resilient, and competitive in today’s complex and interconnected marketplace.

Share your vision

Bring all of your operational budgets together in one place to align objectives and strategies and create a unified approach that amplifies collective impact.

Build trust and collaboration

Automate processes with Workflow Manager for easy, cross-functional collaboration. Build trust in the numbers by giving operational leaders the ability to contribute to the overall budget and foster collaboration in planned and actual operations.

Drive accountability

Keep budget contributors accountable by incorporating Line Item Details or Detailed Planning models for specific elements of the cross-company plan. Use Workflow Manager to incorporate levels of approval to ensure budgeted numbers are justified.

Incorporate diverse perspectives

Incorporate inputs from across the business. Security Manager lets you assign access to any contributor, from Customer Service

representatives to the CEO, so you can add, everyone’s

input quickly and easily.

Align people, process and technology

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Foster greater collaboration

Encourage collaboration and open communication across departments to maximize efficiency.

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Be proactive, not reactive

Be quick and agile in your response to changing market conditions.

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Strengthen long-term relationships

Nurture interdepartmental partnerships and create lasting value across the business.

A solution for every leader


Chief Financial Officer

Provide data clarity to empower your organization to drive financial performance and be prepared for the road ahead.

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Financial analyst

Financial Analyst

Be a trusted advisor through meaningful insights and prepare your leaders for the road ahead.

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Persona_Business leader

Business Leader

Predict your revenues and manage costs to drive business growth and agility.

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Automate processes and unlock your analytical mind with on-demand analysis and monitoring of cash flows.

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Project Manager

Protect your profit margins through increased visibility into your costs and billings.

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Made for finance leaders

Discover our platform and unlock your potential for success.

Streamline budgeting and planning processes while improving collaboration.

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Easily create accurate forecasts that empower you to make better data-driven business decisions, faster.

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Interactive visualizations provide context, measure performance, surface powerful insights, and accelerate decision-making.

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Enable better collaboration and streamline business processes with workflow automation.

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A dedicated pursuit to provide a trusted and secure Financial Performance Platform.

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Frequently asked questions

Security Manager allows you to configure each model and limit the data the user sees. Additionally, dashboards and templates can have multiple pages (e.g., by Department or Line of Business) so that users can easily find the data they need.

Workflow Manager allows workflow owners and observers to keep track of all the tasks in a workflow project through the Workflow Tasks tile in Dashboards, or directly within Workflow Manager. Quickly view who owns a task, its status and any comments associated with the task.

Workflow Manager allows you to setup reminders when a task is approaching its deadline and when it is overdue. To ensure your budget timelines don’t get pushed out due to late submissions, you can set a task deadline, after which any outstanding tasks will be automatically submitted and completed.


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