Accurate planning of your assets

Identify Impact

Simple adjustments to your asset listing can have a profound financial impact. With Prophix, you can understand how changes to CapEx management, like adding, transferring, and eliminating tangible and intangible capital assets, can directly impact your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Accurately calculate depreciation and amoritization

While tracking depreciation and amortization can be done in a spreadsheet, it is much more susceptible to human error. With Prophix, you can create automatic depreciation calculations such as straight lines, double declining balances, and the sum of years. You can also use key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate capital expenditure assumptions.

Monitor actual expenses

As plans change, a greater need exists to effortlessly assess and manage variances. With CapEx management capabilities, you can compare planned capital expenditures to actual ones at a detailed level, using multiple sources from an external ERP to your general ledger system.

Empower managers

Managers are often the ones held accountable for capital expenses in a company. They need an easy-to-use tool to track their expenses and to plan for future investments strategically. Prophix allows stakeholders to investigate their costs and justify their budgets, achieving greater accuracy and accountability by involving operational department managers in the planning process.

Track patterns

What are capital expenditures impacting your company’s profitability? With Prophix, you can review historical CapEx spending patterns, identify potential issues, and outline projections for the future. Take it further and enable your organization to predict future tax implications such as MACRS or CCA.

Save time

Eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone manual steps associated with spreadsheet-driven capital expenditure planning and benefit from the automation and collaboration of Prophix. Prophix gives you the instant insights you need to see how adjustments to additions, depreciation rates, repairs, and maintenance impact your company’s bottom line.

A solution for every leader

Chief Financial Officer

Provide data clarity to empower your organization to drive financial performance and be prepared for the road ahead. 


Automate processes and unlock your analytical mind with on-demand analysis and monitoring of cash flows.


Business Leader

Predict your revenues and manage costs to drive business growth and agility.

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Increase data accuracy and reporting efficiency, affording you more time for valuable analysis.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, simply create a calculation in your model that will take into account the formula and useful life of your asset

Scenario planning is easy and intuitive. Prophix lets you add, remove, and duplicate scenarios, letting you adjust your calculations for variability.

Not only is this level of reporting possible in Prophix, but it is also easy to do asset allocations among these groups.

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