Reliable data analysis and insights in seconds

Instant and reliable data

Have confidence that your analysis reflects the business’s current state. With tight and secure integrations that are ideal for connecting to your accounting, ERP, CRM, and HRIS systems, your reports and dashboards automatically reflect the most up-to-date data. Having the latest data at your disposal ensures analysis is timely and accurate.

Summary to detail in seconds

Conduct high-quality analysis by instantly moving from summary to detail, and answer questions about your business faster. You set the direction on what data to explore to gain a different perspective. Whether it‘s pivoting to see things from a different angle, drilling up for a holistic view, drilling down to get to the heart of the details, or drilling across see transactions, you‘re in complete control of you want to view.

Relevant data for more accurate conclusions

Customize Prophix’s ad-hoc reporting and analysis tool so everyone can get their unique business view. Reports are also self-serve, allowing anyone in the company to unleash the power of your data and draw more accurate conclusions.

Harness the analysis process with automation

Remove the fear of broken formulas and circular references in your spreadsheets and spending time finding and fixing errors. Need to add or remove a reporting line item? Don’t worry about reformatting numerous reports to reflect the change.

Instead, focus your energy on what your data says, as calculations and allocations are done automatically to bring newfound trust in your analysis. Reports automatically reflect any updates to your line-item structure.

Relevant data and analysis drive better decisions

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Trust that your data is reliable and accurate.

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Analyze your data instead of spending time maintaining spreadsheets.


Easily access and drill into data for faster insights.

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Free up employees to focus on value creation.

A solution for every leader


Chief Financial Officer

Provide data clarity to empower your organization to drive financial performance and be prepared for the road ahead.

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Financial analyst

Financial Analyst

Be a trusted advisor through meaningful insights and prepare your leaders for the road ahead.

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Persona_Business leader

Business Leader

Predict your revenues and manage costs to drive business growth and agility.

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Made for finance leaders

Discover our platform and unlock your potential for success.

Enable better collaboration and streamline business processes with workflow automation.

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Interactive visualizations provide context, measure performance, surface powerful insights, and accelerate decision-making.

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Utilize AI to gain a deeper understanding of your business.

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Frequently asked questions

No, Prophix frees you from the constraints and frustrations of spreadsheets by centralizing your analysis.

Think of it like a fully furnished house, where your data views are the windows on that house. By putting your window in a different part of the house, you can see the furnishings from another point of view, without changing the furnishings and without needing to put the furniture there.

With ad-hoc analysis, your data is already there, and Prophix allows you to build a data view to see that data from whatever point of view (detailed, summarized, by department, etc.) you need to see it without needing to worry about getting the data there in the first place. Prophix takes care of it for you.

Yes, and yes. Prophix‘s platform allows you to go into the details of any graph or chart to “launch“ an ad-hoc data view for further analysis. Similarly, you can go into any data cell in a Prophix report and “analyze“ it to access it in ad-hoc analysis. The best part? The data view will open the exact view of the data that relates to where you launched or analyzed it from – it‘s all connected!


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