In order to best evaluate the merits of your company’s projects, you need complete visibility into the impact that these initiatives will have on your financials. Unfortunately, if your organization models project-related revenues and expenses in spreadsheets or homegrown project planning systems you will struggle to incorporate data from disparate source systems or track the decisions involved in the project planning process. This means that you have no accurate reporting mechanism and no established feedback loop to ensure the alignment of project sponsors and financial decision makers.

Prophix allows you to collaborate across your organization and understand the potential outcomes of proposed initiatives, with a completely integrated project plan and financial plan from a single, unified software solution.


Detailed revenue plans and expense plans for projects, tracking key project drivers and metrics (both quantitative and qualitative). Prophix reduces your reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets, and directly assigns project expenses to departments and/or cost centers

Increased collaboration: Earn buy-in for projects by creating ‘what if’ project planning scenarios that clearly display potential end results

Greater organization agility and control, with the ability to adjust ongoing projects as changes occur to allocated resources and project funding

Accurately report and forecast the financials from ongoing projects, and provide transparency into final results with pre-built tools for advanced data analysis


"With Prophix giving us a full understanding of our financials and how they relate to decision making, we hold our people accountable."

AAA Northeast Rich Pacheco - VP, Finance & Administration