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Project Planning: Keep Costs Low and Outcomes Successful

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As the business world moves towards agile project management, projects in your company require special attention. You want to ensure you’re investing resources into projects that will have a successful outcome. But if you’re using a disconnected, outdated, or homegrown project management solution, it’s hard to get the most from your time and efforts.

With Prophix’s project planning capabilities, you can monitor your actual to-budget spend, measure the impact of your projects, and assess organizational performance. Keep the costs of your projects low and the outcomes successful.

Cost-Effective Project Management

A failed or inefficient project is wasted money. Prophix allows you to create detailed revenue and expense plans so you can constantly keep an eye on your progress. For example, you can leverage Prophix to plan for capital and personnel resource requirements. By tracking key project drivers and metrics – both quantitative and qualitative – you can monitor profitability and resource utilization with ease.

Automate Processes

When coordinating between different departments, it can be hard to avoid impediments and keep operations running smoothly. Automation can help you avoid these problems. Prophix reduces your reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets, and directly assigns project expenses to departments and/or cost centers. Have resources shared between departments? See the versatility of Prophix with quick and simple automated allocations.

Facilitate Collaboration

Accurate reporting enables an effective feedback loop, creating alignment between project leaders and decisions makers. Earn buy-in for projects by creating ‘what if’ planning scenarios that clearly display potential results. Use the built-in Prophix Security features to set responsibilities and controls for users at the project level. Communicate and collaborate more effectively with a fully integrated workflow that lets you track project flow, approvals, and leave feedback.

Increase Agility

Often, projects fail because budgets change and it’s difficult to adjust plans quickly. With Prophix, you have greater organizational agility and control, with the power to adjust ongoing projects as changes occur. This enables effective resource optimization, project funding, and metric monitoring to improve performance and save time.

Simplify Reporting

A disconnect of information can lead to mishaps and a lack of transparency. Now, you can accurately report and forecast the financials from ongoing projects and improve company-wide transparency. Using pre-built tools for advanced data analysis, you can track the impact of every decision and set better expectations.

With Prophix giving us a full understanding of our financials and how they relate to decision making, we hold our people accountable.

Rich Pacheco VP, Finance & Administration AAA Northeast

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