"I know that our financial reports are 'rock solid' - they are always accurate and complete. I can say that with confidence because we use Prophix's software."

Spacesaver Corporation
Steve Anderson - Controller

As a Financial Controller, you prepare reports summarizing and forecasting your organization’s financial position for senior management, auditors, regulators, governmental agencies, banks, and/or shareholders. As such, your reports and insights are held to an extremely high standard.

Prophix’s software helps you prepare the reports you need by addressing Financial Controllers’ most pressing challenges, specifically finding ways to: Improve budgets and budgeting processes; Plan better for the future; and Improve operational efficiencies.

Health Solutions reduces their business risk by using Prophix’s software to outline their current and projected service levels. With this accurate data, Health Solutions secures grants from the State and Medicaid funds, which are its primary sources of funding. Health Solutions also analyzes data to understand which services are the most effective and most profitable. By leveraging this data, Health Solutions’ Finance team ensures the organization effectively fulfills its mission of providing exceptional healthcare services.

After Angelina Jolie’s use of the company’s predictive genetic test for cancer risk signaled a rapid rise in forecasted sales, Myriad Genetics generated a new and improved budget within one week. Myriad Genetics was able to do this because their budgeting process is completely automated.

Myriad Genetics’ Finance team also conducts financial consolidation for operations in 22 countries with 8 currencies, produces a consolidated balance sheet, a cash flow statement, an 18-month rolling forecast, and a 5-year forecast.

Solarcentury uses Prophix’s software to determine how best to expand their rapidly growing operations. To do so, Solarcentury calculates the profitability of its sales channels and product offerings, (including solar farms and rooftop solar installations) in locations spread across three continents. As a result, Solarcentury has expanded operations in those regions that have the highest sales forecasted over multiple years

By using Prophix’s software, Interstates Companies improved its operational efficiencies in their Finance Department and beyond. They have reduced the time required to complete budgeting preparation by over 90%. They also use Prophix’s software to set prices and help determine what projects to bid on.

As a result of automating budgeting processes, Interstates Companies – which has 600+ employees and annual revenues of over $100 million – has shifted their Finance Department’s focus from working with Excel on manual budgeting to conducting detailed analysis.

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