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What if there were an easier way to handle planning and rapidly produce accurate budgets by centralizing all your data from your finance, HR and operational systems?

Prophix is that way. With one version of the truth, no more wading through data silos or spending time to aggregate data sources through spreadsheets. You can complete your operating budgets faster and more accurately, seamlessly align your capital projects with your financial plans and instantaneously perform analytics to give healthcare leaders the insight they need to tighten operating margins to better support the delivery of improved healthcare.

We use our solution from Prophix to avoid conventional budget processes, to generate an accurate rolling forecast, and to track the operational benchmarks that correlate with our funding requirements. The software has become invaluable to us

Paige Burkes Chief Financial Officer Health Solutions

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What if you could easily visualize KPIs and forecast data?

Plan and forecast revenues quickly and efficiently using driver based modeling and Prophix detailed planning capabilities. Analyze and report revenues across multiple dimensions such as type of service, patient or procedure and by doctor, department or location. Track your revenue performance over time and against industry benchmarks by measuring and monitoring KPI’s like revenue per patient day or revenue per procedure.

What if planning staff utilization and managing costs were a breeze?

Prophix intuitive personnel planning software helps healthcare administrators to efficiently plan and effectively utilize staff resources by using drivers that reflect patient demand patterns per unit (census), hours per patient-day and staff-to-patient ratios. Streamline your payroll planning process by prepopulating your plan with salary data from your HRMS and quickly generate total payroll costs by service unit, department or doctor through automating complex payroll calculations like payroll taxes, employee benefits, bonuses, overtime and sick leave.

What if you could streamline CapEx planning to more profitably open a new facility?

Use what-if analysis and automatic workflows to efficiently evaluate and approve capital planning requests to fund a new research program, build a new nurse station or offer a new outpatient service. See the impact of capital spending on cash flows and profitability real-time, track actual spending against approved spending and make adjustments to projects, if required, with Prophix integrated planning platform.

What if you had real-time analytics to help make operating decisions?

Visualize financial and operational performance data real-time to quickly identify trends or rankings and track health care metrics through self-service dashboards, scorecards and dynamic graphs. With Prophix unified platform and automatic integration of your actual, planned and forecasted data, you can perform cost variance analysis by operating unit, assess contribution margins of clinical staff members or determine profitability of individual programs.

Automate Financial Processes To Drive Healthcare Organization

Get the flexibility you need to tailor financial statements and reports to get an in-depth look at your overall performance. Prophix helps healthcare organizations run more smoothly by automating financial processes across planning, budgeting and reporting. We make it easy to quickly produce personnel plans and performance analyses. Free up more time to look for ways to improve clinical programs and to service your clients and patients better.

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