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About Our Partner RSM

RSM is a global network of independent audit, tax, and consulting firms that advise companies on how to effectively plan and manage their business. With a focus on the mid-market, they are the leading tax and consulting firm in North America.

RSM has helped many companies successfully implement Prophix’s Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. RSM offers a fully hosted Prophix solution for those organizations that to prefer to outsource support for their technology infrastructure. With RSM and Prophix, you can maximize efficiencies by creating a stronger integration across your solutions, improving strategic forecasting and reporting processes.

RSM has been a partner for over 10 years and has helped more than 100 clients successfully implement Prophix. They have a dedicated team devoted to Prophix, capable of both selling and implementing the solution. As a Prophix Certified Partner, RSM offers a fully hosted Prophix solution for those organizations that prefer to outsource support for their technology infrastructure. RSM has been the North American Partner of the Year at the Prophix Conference for five consecutive years.

With RSM’s FASTT service, finance leaders can reduce the time they spend on reporting by 50% to 70%. This is an incredible value for users who are looking to automate their forecasting and reporting processes, improving their ability to reach to daily changes and make informed decisions.

Jim Klimkowski Senior Leader at RSM, Equity Principal National Leader of Data Analytics & Great Lakes Consulting Leader

RSM’s FASTT - Powered by Prophix

Forecasting as a Service Today & Tomorrow (FASTT)

Businesses must anticipate changes and adapt to not only fluctuating customer and market demands but also world events. RSM’s FASTT service, powered by Prophix’s CPM software, helps finance leaders create flexible, accurate forecasts that empower the Office of Finance to make strategic business decisions based on real-time information. RSM’s FASTT service, powered by Prophix, will allow companies to:

Define, analyze, and execute strategic goals relative to finance, operations, business modeling, analysis, and key performance indicators with RSM’s FASTT service, powered by Prophix.

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