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    A single version of the financial truth

  • Does your organization struggle with multiple reporting requirements?

    Do your reports contain information from a variety of sources? Are you able to consolidate information into an easily readable format? 

    Do you trust the validity and reliability of the information contained within your reports?

    For many organizations, financial reporting has become an exercise in futility. Departments, executives and outside stakeholders all require different reporting formats. Employees spend hours manually formatting spreadsheets and consolidating and collating reports. Even when they are complete, there is no way to validate if the appropriate stakeholder has read or understood the report.

    With your team putting so much effort into preparing these reports – should you not receive a greater return?

    Use Prophix and gain a multitude of reporting benefits

    Remove the complexity and inaccuracies from your financial reports. Prophix’s comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting tool allows you to create reports in standardized formats or by customized design. 

    Choose from a variety of pre-configured formats or design your own. You can even borrow a style from another department and use it as the basis for your own report design.

    Other benefits include:

    • Increased productivity with less time spent tailoring spreadsheets into a suitable printed report.
    • Ability to analyze, drill-down and compare to the transactional level, providing stakeholders with explanations for the results.
    • Compliance with financial reporting standards such as GAAP and IFRS.
    • Reduced reliance on IT – XL “interface” 
    • Automated distribution of reports to stakeholders – customized to mirror approval levels – with security and auditability intact.
    • Unlimited access online or offline with the Prophix web browser.

    End-to-end reporting

    Prophix offers you the ability to prepare and distribute financial statements, scorecards, dashboards, variance reports and exception reports – all within a single application.

    No longer are you required to master a number of applications and make exceptions.

    Just another way Prophix delivers value.

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