The Virtual Financial Analyst is your team’s new Artificial Intelligence-powered assistant. Identify anomalies, generate a consistent narrative surrounding your data, and automate FP&A tasks with the click of a button.

Empower your team with the confidence that the data underpinning all business decisions is audited, free from error, and analyzed with a consistent and impartial voice. With time-saving commands and analysis, you can trust your whole team is prepared to focus on the future of your business rather than being distracted with mundane tasks.

Transform the way you budget, plan, and report with Prophix on your team.

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Anomaly Detection

Identify risk or anomalies in your Ledgers and Sub-Ledgers. Learn More

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Understand the story behind your visualizations by generating an accurate narrative around your data and revealing comparative, trends, and breakdown analysis, ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page. Learn More

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Task Assistant

Improve agility, productivity, and operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, so that everyone can stay focused on strategic work. Learn More

What financial processes will Anomaly Detection help with? Anomaly Detection is designed to be used at close to quickly identify unusual transactions to enable immediate investigation and resolution. It’s also great at helping to speed up financial close, internal audits and reconciliations.
How long does it take for Insights to create the narratives? Leveraging Natural Language Processing, the narratives are generated in near real-time, and faster than any human could.
How do I communicate with Task Assistant? Task Assistant is the Natural Language interface between a user and Prophix’s Virtual Financial Analyst. There are two ways to make a request: First, you can type a request into the Task Assistant interface, or secondly, simply ask by talking to it.

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