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Imagine if you had your very own Virtual Financial Analyst capable of helping you comb through massive amounts of data, highlight anomalies, reducing your chance of mistakes, and never takes a day off!

By simply asking Prophix, you automate tasks and gain greater insights and confidence in your data. Work more naturally with text and voice options, Prophix is here to help.

Introducing the Prophix Virtual Financial Analyst

The Virtual Financial Analyst leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide meaningful insights and automation to take the speed and efficiency of Prophix’s Corporate Performance Management software to the next level.


The Virtual Financial Analyst is your own AI-powered analyst who helps to take your budgeting, planning and reporting with Prophix to the next level. It improves engagement by serving up insights more naturally through voice or text and helps you work smarter by automating repetitive tasks. Speed up financial processes with greater accuracy by detecting and deterring errors, and minimizing loss associated with risky transactions giving you greater confidence and agility than ever before.
Transform the way you budget, plan, close and report with Prophix on your team.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection investigates all your financial transactions to find trends, patterns and risk at the financial line-item level helping you to dramatically speed up financial processes like internal audits, account reconciliations and close. Reach new levels of efficiency and assurance by surfacing anomalies and risky transactions with the speed and accuracy only machine learning can provide.

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Using the power of Natural Language Processing, Insights examines multiple data points, applies analytics, and uncovers meaningful insights and trends in the key aspects of your data. Insights delivers a consistent narrative to ensure all stakeholders are informed and on the same page.

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Task Assistant

Task Assistant is a voice-enabled communications assistant to your Virtual Financial Analyst. Task Assistant lets you know what tasks are on your plate, schedule a process like running a sales report, and distribute the report to the team, just by asking. Task Assistant helps you stay focused on the business by automating repetitive tasks saving you time and allowing you to focus on more strategic work.

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See Prophix’s Virtual Financial Analyst in Action

View a Free Demo to See Prophix Budgeting in Action

Using Prophix’s cash flow planning features, you can address your forecasting needs and reap the added benefits of effective cash management. Understand the state of your cash flow at the exact minute you need to with Prophix

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