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Sales revenue is the lifeblood of every business. Planning for your sales and revenue enables your business to make crucial decisions about your future and identify where improvements need to be made.

But, due to data silos, time constraints, and manual processes, it’s difficult for companies to accurately plan for their revenue. You need a tool that enables you to leverage the latest available data, collaborate and automate planning to help you predict your revenue future faster and with greater confidence.

Prophix sales and revenue planning functionality provides you with the metrics needed to create in-depth plans, coupled with the flexibility to reflect the constant changes in your company and industry.

Turn Goals into Actions

Whether you prefer top-down or bottom-up sales planning, Prophix gives you the insights and flexibility to choose what fits your business best. Improve your sales planning by aligning with strategic objectives, optimizing revenue streams, and predicting sales by product lines, territories, and drivers, with speed and accuracy. Immediately measure sales performance to identify pitfalls and change your direction to improve your bottom line. Achieve your forward-thinking targets with Prophix Revenue and Sales Planning.

Turn Goals into Actions
Get the Big Picture

Get the Big Picture

With the planning processes of the past, it was difficult to keep your plans updated and accurate. Prophix’s detailed sales and revenue planning capabilities allow you to vary inputs and see changes to the bottom line immediately. Whether you’re thinking about changes to the macro- or micro-environment, leverage Prophix’s functionality to create alternative “what-if” scenarios to quickly and efficiently to determine which course of action is best for your business.

Simplify Data Entry

Manual data entry takes time that could be better spent on other tasks, like closing sales or territory plans. With a sales and revenue planning solution, you can create a data entry template that’s simple for sales representatives to populate and submit for review. Streamlining this process increases participation rates and improves your granular data insights.

Simplify Data Entry
Simplify Integration

Simplify Integration

If your data is all over the place, it makes it hard to truly understand the impact of this information on your sales plans. Forget the manual processes, they are error-prone and time intensive. Prophix fully integrates with any CRM, ERP, or other business system to automatically pull in large amounts of transactional data with ease. Even better, you won’t have to decipher or arrange your information - Prophix does all the work for you. Organize smarter and faster to set precise targets and maximize your opportunities.

Make Rapid Changes

The planning process demands flexibility – sales are closed rapidly, and your revenue numbers could change at any moment. With Prophix, you can create exceptions as needed to help you accurately forecast revenue recognition. You can also adjust plans without jeopardizing data integrity, unlike planning in spreadsheets alone. Model your perfect revenue planning framework, make rapid changes, and optimize your strategies with Prophix.

Make Rapid Changes
Promote Collaboration and Transparency

Promote Collaboration and Transparency

To get the best sales results, all your key decision makers need insight into your data. Monitor progress against your plan by making relevant forecast information available company wide. With everyone looking at the same information, your company can work off a single version of the truth and be empowered to make the best decisions.

Plan Your Way with Prophix for Microsoft 365®

Prophix for Microsoft 365 leverages the power of cloud technology to help make the most of your data so that you can make faster and more informed decisions where and when you need to. Work more organically across platforms with the choice and flexibility that Prophix provides and drive forward the speed and efficiency of your Corporate Performance Management software. Prophix for Microsoft 365 seamlessly integrates Prophix data with Microsoft 365 elements to improve your planning efficiency, provide the added flexibility to manipulate data and contribute to budgets in both Prophix and Excel®, and even make Prophix data available in PowerPoint® for interactive presentations.

Learn More About Prophix and Microsoft 365
Plan Your Way with Prophix for Microsoft 365
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Does Prophix allow you to plan at the customer level? Yes, Prophix gives you the flexibility to plan on a variety of levels including customer, product, territorial, and more. Planning is our bread and butter and is highly customizable.
Is it possible to track performance by sales representative? Absolutely, Prophix gives you the ability to plan at a detailed level or at a macro level – the choice is yours!
Does Prophix integrate with my CRM system? Yes, Prophix integrates with the most popular CRM solutions for seamless data exchange.

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