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Integrations: Combine All Your Data Sources to Drive Better Decisions

Simplify and Trust Your Data

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Prophix Integrations: Have Confidence in Your Data

Rely on a Single Version of the Truth

All of your key financial processes – budgeting, reporting, analysis, consolidations, and more – are dependent on your financial data. Your data is at the foundation of all your important decisions. But a number of problems can arise in the data collection process. Manual data collection processes are time-consuming and prone to error. Your data may reside in multiple business systems such as an ERP, CRM, and HRIS solution, or application such as Microsoft Excel. It’s difficult to be sure that your manually gathered data is current, accurate, and relevant.

Prophix simplifies data collection with an easy-to-use interface that centralizes your data so it can be easily accessed and analyzed to generate insights.

Break Down Data Silos with Prophix Data Integration Services

Integrating with your other financial systems is critical but can be a cumbersome task. Prophix Data Integration Services lets you streamline and simplify data integrations. It provides tight and secure integrations through an easy-to-use interface and is ideal for connecting to your accounting, ERP, CRM and HRIS systems for data retrieval. You can leverage automated data mapping and cleansing to easily align information from disparate systems to give you a unified and consolidated view of your data. Prophix Cloud keeps your data secure, encrypted, and available 24/7.

Plan Your Way with Prophix for Microsoft 365

Prophix for Microsoft 365 leverages the power of cloud technology to help make the most of your data so that you can make faster and more informed decisions where and when you need to. Work more organically across platforms with the choice and flexibility that Prophix provides and drive forward the speed and efficiency of your Corporate Performance Management software. Prophix for Microsoft 365 seamlessly integrates Prophix data with Microsoft 365 elements to improve your planning efficiency, provide the added flexibility to manipulate data and contribute to budgets in both Prophix and Excel, and even make Prophix data available in PowerPoint for interactive presentations.

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Easily Manage Your Data

Prophix empowers you to manage your organizational structures, charts of accounts, hierarchies, and more. These models draw from a centralized database, ensuring that all decisions made within your company are based on a single set of data. Prophix’s data imports process was designed so that any business user can master it without relying on IT. The user-friendly, self-serve dashboard, and eye-catching visuals intuitively guide you through all the steps needed to integrate your data. You even have the option to use flat files such as XLS, CSV, and TXT to import data should you wish. All these processes are designed with the end-user in mind, so that you can hit the ground running.

Prophix is tied into our accounting system, so by updating a few named sets and running a few processes, our financials are ready to go. ... Prophix enables us to run our business profitably.

Stephanie Baccam Accounting Supervisor Interstates Companies

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Direct data integration ensures your company is working from the most valuable foundation: a single version of the truth. You’re empowered to make better decisions when you can rely on accurate, real-time data.

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