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"I think it’s going to make all us look smarter. Being able to spend less time digging into specific transactions, and being able to ask Prophix to do that for us is going to save us time, energy, and make us look like we know what we’re doing."

All-Star Directories Michelle Ferris, All-Star Directories

Peace of mind FP&A

What If Your Software Could Surface The Risky Transactions Lurking In Your Data And Find Hidden Problems To Help You Close Your Books In Record Time?

Anomaly Detection  powered by Prophix AI quickly analyzes massive amounts of data and highlights actionable insights. It re-invents financial risk analysis by leveraging Machine Learning to automatically detect and surface unusual transactions and then intuitively organizes them by risk rating.

With the power of AI you get unprecedented speed and accuracy only a machine can deliver!

Every risk rating helps you clearly understand what is happening beneath the surface, collects recommendations and quickly address risky transactions. Anomaly Detection eliminates hours on manually checking spreadsheets and verifying data. Prophix will have you exploring and acting on the results of your data in mere moments.

Anomaly Detection speeds up financial processes like internal audits, account reconciliations and close.

When AI analysis is applied, it is up to 900 times more likely to identify errors in data.*

Anomaly Detection in the Prophix Virtual Financial Analyst redefines reporting making it easier, faster, and more thorough than ever before.