Prophix Winter Release

Winter is here!

The days are short, but the nights are long. Winter is here, and brings with it the coldest time of the year. It’s a great time to relax indoors and enjoy some hot cocoa! Now that 2020 is over, we have much to look forward to in the new year. So, let’s turn up the heat and dive into some of the new and exciting features being introduced in the Prophix Winter 2021 Release.

What’s New in the Winter 2021 Release?

Anomaly Detection – Support for Subledger Transactions

Anomaly Detection, part of Prophix’s AI-powered Virtual Financial Analyst, receives brand-new support for accounts payable and accounts receivable subledgers and an upgraded user interface.

This release of Anomaly Detection adds the ability to analyze subledger information to find trends, patterns and calculate risk at the financial line-item level. New Control Points provide even deeper insight and analysis on subledger-specific anomalies and risks, such as duplicate invoices, suspicious amounts, unknown vendors, and more. These capabilities, coupled with a refreshed user interface that has a more modern look and feel, further improves Anomaly Detection’s capabilities to quickly surface all of the risky transactions, helping you close your books faster and confidently with greater assurance.

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Data Integration Services Enhancements

Data Integration Services (DIS) is a Prophix solution for connecting to a customer’s accounting or ERP system for data retrieval. This release introduces new functionality that gives more control and flexibility when it comes to choosing source and destination connections for your financial data. This extends the reach of DIS by offering additional opportunities when it comes to integrations and allowing for richer exchange of data. These enhancements enable customers to do more with their data by providing more options when it comes to where you can pull and push the data ultimately leading to a holistic, single, and unified view into your financial truth.

Data Integration Services Enhancements

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Prophix Notifications HUB – File Notifications Enhancements

The Notifications Hub is an easy-to-use window in Prophix that pushes notifications for various events that impact you. With this release, stay better informed with real-time updates from the Notifications Hub on your favorite files.

Simply subscribe to the file you would like to watch by turning on “the bell”. This allows you to personalize your notifications, make them more relevant to you, and lets you stay better informed of all changes made to your subscribed files through the Notifications Hub.

Prophix Bell File Notification Enhancement

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Additional Improvements

We have also made several additional usability improvements as part of this release. For example, you now have the ability to show and hide the title for all tile types in your dashboards. A few notable enhancements have been made for Global Administrators that improve Document Explorer and System Hub functionalities. Be sure to check these out in the Winter 2021 Release Notes.

Additional Improvement - show/hide title for tiles

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These new capabilities combined with some additional core improvements are designed to transform the way our customers budget, plan, close and report.

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