Everyone’s moving to the Cloud, but adopting new technology can seem like an overwhelming task. Is migrating to Prophix Cloud the right move for your organization?

Companies are looking to the Cloud for a more efficient and scalable financial management system. This move gives finance leaders the opportunity to emerge as innovation leaders within their companies.

Webinars hosted by: Prophix

This three-part webinar series will explore the benefits of cloud technology, how Prophix Cloud handles security, and how cloud technology is pushing the limits of innovation.

Our Speakers

Why Cloud?

For many companies, there is a belief that Cloud solutions are easier and more accessible. While this is true, there are other virtues of the Cloud that you may not have thought of.

Security in the Cloud

Having access to your data in the Cloud has presented new challenges, and new solutions to ensuring your data is always safe.

Innovation in the Cloud

Cloud technology is pushing the limits of innovation, making Performance Management solutions smarter and easier to use. As these technologies are integrated into your business solutions, they will transform the way business gets done.