"Through all the different systems that we’ve used Prophix has been the most reliable and they have the best customer service available. Having a streamlined way to communicate with people and knowing it’s going to work how it’s intended is magical."

CAP Tulsa Sarah Block, Team Lead Reporting & Budgeting

One platform for all your performance management needs.

Managing multiple software infrastructures is expensive and time-consuming. After all, each system speaks a language of its own. Your employees struggle to find a single version of their company’s financial truth, for instance, when they access separate databases for Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI). Maintaining a centralized database—one which all of your users can access—opens up a wealth of possibilities.

Prophix uses industry leading Microsoft technology

If your company runs Microsoft systems but fails to maximize their value, Prophix offers the perfect solution—with CPM software that easily fits into your IT infrastructure. Your data is never locked in; you can access it whenever you need and interact cleanly with hundreds of existing applications. Prophix is web-enabled, with Web browser access compatible with many common browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari).

Prophix builds its product on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. Using open database technology, the software integrates fully with Microsoft SharePoint, maximizing collaboration across report publishing, data entry, and workflow processes, and with Microsoft Excel, providing users with the same budgeting software interface to which they have become accustomed.