New Features


Integration to PowerPoint for Office 365

The PowerPoint for Office 365 add-in lets you insert a Prophix window into your PowerPoint presentation, letting you access all your Prophix data directly from your slides.

Prophix PowerPoint integration

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The Audit Log app is now available and provides administrators with a record of events that have occurred during the operation of the model, including:

    1. Data History – See who has edited any data point. Currently tracks all manual edits made through Ad Hoc or Template Studio.
    2. Login Events – Who has logged in to Prophix, any Login attempts, forgotten password requests or invitations sent. Giving you total visibility as to who is accessing your data through Prophix.
    3. Error Logs – A log of every error for every user in the system. Allowing you to troubleshoot problems for your end users in one place.


Fall Release Enhancements Include

Document Explorer

Updates have been made to Document Explorer interface and folder security. In addition, you can now select multiple files/folders, making it easier to interact with your files.

Doc Ex - new UI - Prophix Fall Release 2018

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Template Studio

You can now define custom currency symbols and customize cell numeric formatting, giving you more control of your templates appearance.
Prophix Fall Release - Template Studio

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Process Manager

Administrators can run stored procedures with the new Native SQL Data process. You can also now export data to MySQL.

Native SQL in Prophix

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Detailed Planning Manager

The Detailed Planning manager now makes populating data even easier in Global Vectors Data Entry with shortcut keys for filling right and down. The same shortcut keys are also available in a Lookup calculation’s Calculation Details. Allocations are also now available as part of detailed planning models. For example, this will allow you to move an employee or resource from one department to another during the planning period.

Detailed Planning Manager - first view - prophix

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Line Item Detail Reporting

The Line Item Detail Reporting enhancement saves you time by compiling all the line item schedules from a data view into a single report.

Line item Report in Prophix

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