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Whether you work for a small organization or a large multinational, your company needs to develop business models that track your performance at varying levels of detail. Using spreadsheets or developing customized models with data from multiple sources requires specialized skills and sophisticated knowledge of IT systems. Documenting the logic and data flow in these custom models is next to impossible.

Prophix centralizes the input of accounts, lists, drivers, assumptions, and calculation methods from across your organization, delivering consistent access to the data that your business models require. So how can your company develop business models that offer insight into your numbers while facilitating integrated budgeting and planning?

Avoid the risks associated with select individuals retaining all knowledge and control of customized business models

Prophix offers a centralized platform with an interface that users throughout the organization can master to create sophisticated models and calculations in minutes. All they need to do is point and click

If you can measure it, Prophix can model it. Enjoy moving beyond simple financial models to evaluate any and all aspects that matter to your business, both qualitative and quantitative

Leave IT alone. Prophix frees finance experts to analyze the company’s performance with a wealth of information at their fingertips

Detailed Planning Manager enables customers to develop strategic, operational, and financial models all in one place, factoring in both quantitative and qualitative elements, including time

Eliminate manual updates, improving consistency and reducing turnaround time

Add new accounts, products, departments, or entities in seconds and share them across the organization. Prophix audits changes so that you always know what has happened to your business models

Securely document business logic and calculations. Collaboration across the company improves when everyone has insight regarding changes to business drivers or other assumptions that the organization uses to evaluate performance

Prophix web client provides real-time access to important budgets, plans and reports, from anywhere and on any device.



"I think it’s going to make all us look smarter. Being able to spend less time digging into specific transactions, and being able to ask Prophix to do that for us is going to save us time, energy, and make us look like we know what we’re doing."

All-Star Directories Michelle Ferris, All-Star Directories


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