Identify trends and deliver insight to business decisions


Ad hoc requests are typically urgent and employees usually scramble to deliver them with any available application. The situation is one of convenience. Typically the information lacks sophistication or meaning—leaving managers to format the data extensively to raise its business value.

But what if you could report in a single iteration? If the information was accurate, timely, and compliant, would this add value to your day-to-day or long-term decisions?

With Prophix’s performance management software, you can print ad hoc reports or use visualizations to display data in an interactive format that facilitates valuable business analysis and decision making.






Prophix offers one unified application with a single interface purpose-built for ad hoc analysis and visualization. This reduces training costs, prevents companies from having to maintain separate applications, and opens up analysis to both financial and non-financial users

Without requiring specialized skills or programming knowledge, instantly create interactive data visualizations to discover trends, patterns and exceptions in the data

Quickly navigate data using drag and drop, drill up, or drill down actions, investigating your organization’s performance from multiple perspectives and levels of detail

Prophix’s business reporting software provides contextual analysis by making it possible to delve into the numbers interactively within highly-formatted reports. Users can view consolidated results or investigate detailed results segmented by customers, products, regions, and departments

Save and share ad hoc reports with other users in the system through web access or export the reports to Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint or PDF and print them

Specialized analytical tools like Delta Analysis allow users to automatically generate variances against any comparative framework

Deliver meaningful data in formats that work for your business

Do you use multiple applications to cut and paste between programs with different interfaces? Does your organization’s growing amount of data concern you? Have your reporting requirements become increasingly complex as you try to incorporate more granular information? Are you limited by the number of employees who can run the reports you need?

With Prophix, you can create, save, and share your reports and analysis. In real time. Accurately.

With the web and mobile access, Prophix provides users with essential business data and insights from anywhere, at any time and on any device.



"Sage Intacct customers will benefit from a fully tested and certified solution and be assured peace of mind in choosing Prophix. Together the two pieces of software help companies to be more agile and profitable, while reducing risk"

Global Intacct Lead James Hanson, Business Development


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