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Improve Profitability And Conduct Rolling Forecasts

SYSPRO and Prophix Notable Customers

SYSPRO and Prophix share common values like caring for our customer

Globally recognized as a leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) vendor, SYSPRO consistently delivers new measures to ensure the success of their customers. With Prophix, SYSPRO customers have access to our CPM (Corporate Performance Management) software to help them make better business decisions. By integrating budgeting and planning data into their ERP, you can transform your data into insight.

SYSPRO with Prophix, provides:

  • Automated data consolidation from multiple plants, divisions, cost centers and countries
  • Planning based on real-time profitability analysis by vendor, product line or location
  • Controlled data with enhanced workflows and permissions creating a single version of the truth
  • Trackable daily/weekly/monthly production levels allowing for rolling forecasts


"The integrated reporting, financial consolidation, budgeting and scenario planning capabilities, integrated at the detail operational level with SYSPRO, provide insights to our customers that translate to improved competitiveness due to an increased decision-making support capability."

SYSPRO Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer

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