Putting Finance Intelligence into Power BI

Drive finance insights from Prophix into Microsoft Power BI to transform your data into actionable insights that inform strategic and tactical business decisions.

Finance leaders use Prophix’s Corporate Performance Management (CPM) to centralize their financial data, enabling them to streamline FP&A processes, expedite financial insights, and increase planning accuracy.

Adding your financial data from Prophix to Power BI will provide a more comprehensive data set for BI users to access and analyze. The result is more insightful reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, and charts, providing you with detailed intelligence about the broader state of your business.


Prophix CFO Dashboard

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI CFO Dashboard

Seamless Integration

  • Easily connect Prophix with Power BI without the need for IT
  • Automate updates from Prophix to get a constant flow of information into Power BI

Finance and Business Intelligence Combined

  • Utilize Power BI dashboards to visualize finance KPIs and metrics
  • Easily connect multiple datasets for comprehensive analysis and overview of your business
  • View Prophix datasets in Power BI for Excel or desktop
  • Quickly spot trends and correlate activities for insightful decision-making
  • Access your information from anywhere using the Power BI mobile app

By integrating Prophix and Power BI, you can transform your existing business data into informative graphical representations that illustrate the factors impacting your business – enabling you to make better decisions faster.

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