What does the future finance function look like?

Prophix gathered evidence from major analyst firms, key influencers in the finance domain and professionals from across the industry to answer this question. Our report reveals that some organizations are making great strides towards achieving a more enlightened, forward-looking finance function. In these places, finance is truly a partner to the rest of the business. Elsewhere, finance remains isolated and is suffering from an underinvestment in skills and technology.

You will learn:

  • How your peers and colleagues face similar challenges when it comes to evolving the finance function
  • How finance can be deeply integrated with every strand of the organization, informing decisions with solid operational intelligence
  • How the future finance function is called upon for strategic insight and is as capable of modeling future events using systems that are built on a robust platform of automation, adding value to the entire organization
  • Practical tips to evolve finance’s role in strategy and decision-making



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