Customer Confessions: The Real Deal on Automating Budgeting & Reporting

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Admit it, you still use Excel for complex financial analysis, even though spreadsheets are notoriously unreliable.


What if you could automate your budgeting & reporting for better analysis and accuracy? Now, who wouldn’t want that?


Join finance professionals, like yourself, in your industry, who once had the same struggles as you. Hear confessions about how they turned it all around through automation and the amazing benefits of leveraging corporate performance management software.



Automating Budgeting and Forecasting for Retail Companies

Not for Profit

Not-for-Profit Business Performance Improved by Automating Financial Processes

Higher Education

Automating Budgeting and Reporting for Higher Education Institutions


Automate Budgeting & Reporting for Legal Firms

Process Manufacturing

Automating Budgeting & Reporting for Process Manufacturers


Automating Budgeting & Reporting for Electrical Co-ops & Utilities

Professional Services

Automating Budgeting & Reporting for Professional Services & Project-Based Organizations

Discrete Manufacturing

Automating Budgeting & Reporting for Discrete Manufacturers


Automate Budgeting & Reporting for Insurance Brokers

Health Care

Automating Budgeting & Reporting for Healthcare

High Tech

Automating Budgeting & Reporting for High Tech

Transport & Logistics

Transportation and Logistics




Pharma and Bio

Food & Agriculture

Food and Agriculture

Architecture & Engineering

Architecture and Engineering

Food & Beverag

Food and Beverage