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Uncover Revenue Trends And Improve Profitability Optimize Produciton Capacity And Reduce Time-To-Market

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Prophix for QAD ERP

Unlock the potential of your QAD data.

We are thrilled to be a QAD partner!

QAD provides a robust ERP solution, built for manufacturing companies. With the combined power of Prophix and QAD, manufacturers can pinpoint areas to adjust and manipulate based on analysis at the material, product, business unit, or region level. By automating financial processes with Prophix, your team can spend time on the important tasks like a deep analysis of your data to uncover revenue trends and areas for improvement. Make an impact on today’s realities and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Prophix allows QAD users to:

  • Review, analyze and adjust processes based on key performance indicators
  • Set up easy self-service reporting for all users pulled from a single source of truth
  • Get a backward and forward-looking perspective on product line revenue and profitability
  • Model and analyze sales, production, inventory, and raw materials at the relevant level of detail
  • Meet industry, and government reporting regulations and deadlines
  • Drive intelligent business decisions


"One of the key benefits of Prophix is the ability to do really improved analysis without relying on Excel spreadsheets, which can be latent with errors"

Jel Sert Lori Bottoms, Finance and IT operations

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