Spring is here!

What a year 2020 has been! 2021 has been our time to turn a new leaf, and we’re excited to keep the positive energy going in our second release of 2021. With the Spring 2021 release, it’s our pleasure to introduce exciting enhancements enabling richer data transfers between Prophix and other business systems while providing even more detailed insights via Prophix’s AI-powered Virtual Financial Analyst.

What’s New in the Spring 2021 Release?

Data Integration Services Enhancements

Data Integration Services (DIS) is a Prophix solution for connecting to a customer’s accounting or ERP system for data retrieval.

This release introduces new integration agents while adding additional functionality that provides more control and flexibility when it comes to choosing source and destination connections for your financial data. This extends the reach of DIS by offering additional opportunities when it comes to integrations and allowing for richer exchange of data. These enhancements enable you to do more with your data by providing more options when it comes to where you can pull and push the data ultimately leading to a holistic, single, and unified view into your financial truth.

Data Integration Services: Integration agents for control and flexibility
Contribution Insights - Trend Breakdown: Bar Graph
Contribution Insights - Trend Breakdown: Pie Chart

Virtual Financial Analyst – Contribution Insights Enhancements

Contribution insights performs a quick comparative analysis to provide an accurate and consistent narrative on a number, visualize its trend through time and what contributed to it. Stop digging through spreadsheets or performing ad-hoc analysis to get to the answers you need.

New in this release, the insights generated by the AI-powered Prophix Virtual Financial Analyst goes deeper by further breaking-down your data to reveal the underlying details behind your numbers.

Easily determine what factors drove a revenue trend by revealing what territory, product and customer contributed to the number. And since it is powered by Natural Language AI, Contribution Insights will do this with the speed and accuracy that no human could. It will even choose the appropriate chart type to best represent the results, so you don’t have to.

Additional Improvements

We have also made several additional usability improvements as part of this release. For example, you can now click and copy links to your invoices in a drill-across view. The flexibility is now in your hands to turn on or off the notification bell in the Prophix Notifications Hub.

These new capabilities are designed to transform the way our customers budget, plan, and report.

Read more about other improvements of Spring 2021 Release in the release notes: